I'll Show You

Jasmine, a 15 year old sophomore who attends Los Angeles High School, is nothing but a normal girl who plays basketball and stays at home most of the time. She had only one real friend, and that was “Jessica.” She had good grades and was on the right track until she met him. The one and only “Justin Bieber”. He was one of the most popular boys at school…….scratch that he WAS the most popular boy at school and not too mention every teenage girls’ crush. Jasmine was different though. She didn’t care for Justin as much as everyone else, all she did was focus on school and basketball. She heard that Justin was no good and he’s known for breaking every girls heart that came across him and he sleeps with everyone...at least that’s what everyone says. So what happens when Jasmine comes across Justin’s path? Will she fall for him or will she get her heart broke in the end?


1. School

Jasmine’s POV


*beep beep beep beep beep beep beep*


It was 5 o’clock in the morning. The sound of the alarm on my phone was going off. God that was so annoying. I don’t start school until 7:30 in the morning but some days I like to do my makeup. After I got out of the shower and did my makeup I threw on this: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/773704410952898203/

I wasn’t a girly girl but I wasn’t a tomboy either. I guess I just knew how to dress. After finishing up, I walked to school. My school was about 15 mins away walking. I usually get there about 15 mins early every day. If I had a car, I’d probably be able to wake up later. But, I can keep dreaming on that one. When I arrived at school, I put my duffle bag in my coach’s classroom because we didnt have lockers at my school, only in the gym. After dropping my bag off I headed to class where I met up with my best friend Jessica, we only had one class together. You’d think that you and your best friend would have everything in common but, that’s not the case with us. Jessica likes to party and smoke weed, get drunk and just have fun. I like to have fun too, but my definition of fun is different I guess.


“Hey, what’s up?” Jessica asked with a huge smile on her face.

“Nothing, what’s gotten into you? What are you so happy about?” I asked curiously as I took my seat.

“Aren’t you excited about our game tonight?” “Do you think we’re gonna win?” She asked.

“Of course I’m excited and I hope we win but I’ve never seen you this excited about our basketball games.”

“Weeeeellllll, you know it’s a home game?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, so what?”

“And the boys are playing tonight too. So there’s gonna be a lot of people there and a lot of hot guys. Maybe you’ll meet someone” Jessica grinned as she lightly elbowed me and winked at the same time.

“Ughhhhh, here we go again. Jessica I already told you that I’m not into that stuff right now. You know what happened with my “Y”, not “Ex”. I said.

“I know but you just need to give it try, you never know. Everyone isn’t the same Jazzy”.

“I know Jess, but still, I will when I’m ready.”

“Okay. I wanna see some three-pointers from you tonight” Jessica joked.

“Same, pointguard.” I laughed.




Wow! Class was over sooner than thought. I grabbed my bag and started heading to my next class. There were a bunch of people playing around as usual. Out of nowhere I felt my body crash to the ground. One of the stupid, tall, immature, basketball players ran into me.

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