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Jasmine, a 15 year old sophomore who attends Los Angeles High School, is nothing but a normal girl who plays basketball and stays at home most of the time. She had only one real friend, and that was “Jessica.” She had good grades and was on the right track until she met him. The one and only “Justin Bieber”. He was one of the most popular boys at school…….scratch that he WAS the most popular boy at school and not too mention every teenage girls’ crush. Jasmine was different though. She didn’t care for Justin as much as everyone else, all she did was focus on school and basketball. She heard that Justin was no good and he’s known for breaking every girls heart that came across him and he sleeps with everyone...at least that’s what everyone says. So what happens when Jasmine comes across Justin’s path? Will she fall for him or will she get her heart broke in the end?


6. Great Job!

I seen Jasmine’s eyes water up and she didn’t say anything she just took off.


“GREAT JOB!” Jasmine’s coach said while walking away.


I kind of felt bad for her. That was kind of harsh for him to say. But then again, who cares? It was true anyways.


“Even though you can’t play tonight I still want you on the sideline and in the locker room with us.” My coach stated.

“Okay coach! I’ll be there.”

“Alright, I’ll see you tonight.” My coach said as he walked off.


I went and sat down on the bleachers. A bunch of people started entering the gym. Of course they were trying to get good seats for the guys game. No one would ever come to watch the lame girls play. While

I was sitting down, watching the girls play, my girlfriend Emily came and sat next to me. I had already texted her and told her everything that happened so she did have to bring me anything for the game tonight. But, she came and supported me anyways, like always.


“Babe, I’m so mad we couldn’t see you play tonight. I was bragging to all my girls about you.” Emiles said while leaning her head on my chest.

“I know but, we’re gonna win tonight. Then, you can watch me play in the next game. I promise.” I said while putting my arms around Emily and pulling her closer.


Jasmine’s POV


I can’t believe Justin’s coach would even say that. I hope they lose tonight so he can get a taste of his own medicine. But, I couldn’t worry about that right now. I walked back in the gym and the girls were warming. I decided to cheer for them on the sideline even though I can’t play.


Justin’s POV


The first quarter of the game was almost over and the girls were up by 10. I was actually surprised. They were better than I thought. But, it is just the 1st quarter so I wouldn’t get too happy.


“I’m gonna go get something to eat from the snackbar. Did you want anything?” Emily asked.


“Nah, I’m good. Maybe later.”


“Okay.” Emily said before giving me a kiss and walking off.

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