I'll Show You

Jasmine, a 15 year old sophomore who attends Los Angeles High School, is nothing but a normal girl who plays basketball and stays at home most of the time. She had only one real friend, and that was “Jessica.” She had good grades and was on the right track until she met him. The one and only “Justin Bieber”. He was one of the most popular boys at school…….scratch that he WAS the most popular boy at school and not too mention every teenage girls’ crush. Jasmine was different though. She didn’t care for Justin as much as everyone else, all she did was focus on school and basketball. She heard that Justin was no good and he’s known for breaking every girls heart that came across him and he sleeps with everyone...at least that’s what everyone says. So what happens when Jasmine comes across Justin’s path? Will she fall for him or will she get her heart broke in the end?


2. After School

“Oh shit, my bad, didn’t see you there.” He laughed.


He had light brown hair, green eyes, and a tan skin tone. He was kind of cute but that didn’t change anything he just did. He thought that it was funny. Not just him but the rest of his stupid teammates especially Justin. He was laughing the hardest and loudest. He was such a jerk.


“So, you think this is fucking funny?” I asked angrily while raising my eyebrows and getting myself and bag up from the floor. “You should watch where the hell you’re going asshole” I shouted as I stormed off.

“Next time I won’t apologize bitch!” I heard him say from behind me.


That word made me so angry but, I decided to just let it go. I just need to focus on the game tonight. Although we represent the same team, I really hope they lose tonight after what just happened. Then, I’ll laugh at them.


*After School*


I got through school today. All I could think about was the game. This team we’re playing tonight is one of the best teams in the city, along with us.


“Where are you going?” Jessica asked me while walking alongside me.

“I’m getting my bag from coach’s class” I responded.

“Oh okay. I’ll meet you at the gym.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in about 15 minutes.”


Jessica went off to the gym to set up for tonight’s game. I continued to walk to my coach’s class. After I grabbed my stuff, I started heading for the gym. On the way to the gym I ran into the one and only, “Justin Bieber” and some of the rest of his teammates.


“You ready to lose tonight?” Justin asked me with a smirk on his face.

“You know what fuck off, okay. You and your dumb friends.” I said.

“Are you mad?” Justin asked sarcastically.

“You’re literally so annoying.” I said as I walked off.


While I was walking off, I felt something hit my foot. It didn’t just hit my foot but it made me fall,
AGAIN. Justin had tripped me and he was laughing hysterically with his friends.


“Oh, you better be careful, we wouldn’t want you to get hurt now would we princess?” Justin said as he towered over me.

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