Maybe I'm not the only one....

Ashley Grace is a regular girl who lives a regular life but behind the scenes, she doesn't live the happiest. What happens when her and best friend go to warped tour and see the band that has keep her living? Read what happens in "Maybe I'm not the only one.."


1. Prologue

8 years ago

I was sitting at the dining table. Doing my homework, like a good 10 year old suppose to do.  Until daddy came in from the front door, with a girl, holding on to her while he drank from his big glass bottle. They laughed until I heard mommy running down the stairs yelling. She pushed him and she cursed at him while crying. She was going crazy moving her arms everywhere while my dad held onto them. She backed up, grabbed his things and yelled him to leave. My daddy left. That was the last day I ever saw daddy. 

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