I'm dating someone, an amazing guy. He loves me and I could never break his heart. But when an accident lands me in the hospital, my cute doctor totally flirts with me. I can't help but flirt back. Another jog through Central Park and I've fallen in love for the third time. Why can't I stop?


1. The accident

"I love you" Alex murmurs in my ear as I gently kiss his neck.

I don't respond but passionately kiss him on the lips. I can feel his heart beating wildly as I hug him very tightly. He kisses my neck and runs a hand through my long hair. I ruffle his hair and I kiss both his cheeks. Alex picks me up and swings me onto his hip. He lays me down on his couch and lays next to me kissing my cheek.

"Stay the night" he smiles and breathes softly on my neck.

"I can't stay babe. But I want to." I smile and stand up yanking on my gray sweater and black skirt.

He follows me to his front door and pushes me against it before I open it. He kisses me roughly on my lips and holds my wrist tightly.

"Don't leave me" he says roughly and I kiss his cheek.

"Goodnight Alex." I said and rushed out the front door, he stood screaming awful words behind me.

I climbed into my cars front seat, clicked my seat belt, and tears streamed down my face like an ocean. Alex lived really close to me and we've been dating forever but he's obsessed with me. And when I go home he refuses to let me go. It's getting scary. I'm crying and look down at my phone which is blowing up with curse texts from Alex. My car slides on a sheet of ice and BAM! I whack right into a sidebar and fly out the window, the glass shattering. It all....goes black. It all......goes silent.

Where am I??

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