Rogue EIGHTEEN: A Star Wars Story

This IS NOT a parody of Rogue One, I just used the title as a parody, the rest of the story has nothing to do with the movie coming out soon.

Thanks for your understanding,
JigglypuffRevolution <3


12. Shut Up and Drive

We took a speeder that was sitting out in the open and I took out what I called my multi-task gun that I'd just finished not too long ago. I'd never gotten the chance to try it out and I figured since Luke had been hidden beneath my cloak and the cameras hadn't caught him yet... what better time? I took out what I called 'ink leak bombs' because when they break it resembles a droid spilling ink. I placed the bomb in my gun and shot it. Direct hit on the camera. "Luke," I whispered. "You can come out now." We both jumped on the speeder and sped off. I returned Luke to his home and returned the speeder to some random place before returning home. 

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