Rogue EIGHTEEN: A Star Wars Story

This IS NOT a parody of Rogue One, I just used the title as a parody, the rest of the story has nothing to do with the movie coming out soon.

Thanks for your understanding,
JigglypuffRevolution <3


20. Homeward Bound (Flashback POV; 7 years prior)

We walked the streets of Coruscant. They were all quite busy. I spotted a huge building in the center of it all. "Daddy! What's that?" I asked. "That's the government building." I looked up at him. "Is that where we're going?" He shook his head. "We're going to a place where we'll be safe. At least for now." I sighed. We eventually stepped out into a side street. "Now, Katilina, the only rule I have is DO NOT go to the capital building and DO NOT take off your face mask. Do you understand?" He asked me. I nodded. "Yes, daddy." He handed me some money and said, "We meet at 3:00 pm sharp. You have four hours." With that, we broke apart. As soon as I turned the corner, I saw the government building once more. "It's so beautiful..." I looked upon it in awe. "Isn't it?" I jumped hearing another voice from behind me. I quickly spun around. "And may I ask who you are?" I looked at him sternly, though he probably couldn't see most of my expression because my face was 3/4 covered. "The name is Hound. Commander Hound." I swallowed. "Commander?" I asked. "Haven't you ever seen a clone trooper, girl?" he asked. I shook my head. He sighed. "Come." He said calmly. "I'm not supposed to go to--" He raised an eyebrow. "What? Is your daddy going to find out." He grinned slightly. I growled. "My dad did give me four hours..." I shrugged and followed the clone. "So how'd you come to be a clone?" I asked. "What is a clone? Who do you work for?" I continued asking questions. "Whoa, hang on, back off the gas, one question at a time, girly." He paused. "A clone is almost like a soldier for the Republic..." My eyes grew wide. "Isn't it the Republic who voted for jail time rather than just punishment...?" I asked. "Not at all. We believe in just punishment, just not death of those people who are convicted. It's the Empire that are the bad ones. They believe in forms of torture on the innocent and death penalty for all convicted murderers and thieves." Hound said. "I became a clone when I was eight, I'm of course 13 right now. When I was a boy, I was dumped off at the Jedi temple. At that point, I had already known how to use a gun so they said being a clone was the perfect job for me. They took care of me like their own son." I looked at him concerned. "I'm sorry, that's terrible..." My voice trailed off. "It's fine. I'm over it. You?" He asked. "Where do you live?" I sighed. "Can you keep a secret?" I lowered my head. He nodded. "I don't work for anyone at this point. My father is greatly associated with the Empire. He thought if I showed any part of me..." I tugged on the handkerchief that was now attached to the cape. "Someone would hurt me or worse... I've been raised aboard a star ship all of my life and don't even know who my mother is." I sighed and stared off into the distance as we continued to walk together.

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