Rogue EIGHTEEN: A Star Wars Story

This IS NOT a parody of Rogue One, I just used the title as a parody, the rest of the story has nothing to do with the movie coming out soon.

Thanks for your understanding,
JigglypuffRevolution <3


19. Every Song Another Scene (Flashback POV; 7 years prior)

"Katilina!" My father shouted from the lower level of the ship. I ran down the spiral stairwell that connected to the main branch where my dad usually did business. I passed all of my dad's droids who bowed as I passed. I was eleven now and had developed a massive understanding of the difference between the Empire and the Republic. I finally reached the room and said, "Yes daddy?" I asked. "There comes an age where you need to start being... a little more careful." I raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" He sighed. "Katilina, you're eleven years old and... well you're becoming more mature and..." He stopped. "I am?" I asked looking confused. "Yes and..." I could tell he was struggling to spit out his words more than usual. "Daddy? Is something wrong?" I asked. "Um, no. Katilina, there comes an age where boys become a girl's frame of mind and--" I raised an eyebrow. "Girls and what not becomes a guy's frame of mind." I looked up at him. "Why are you telling me this...?" I asked. "This weekend I am taking you to Coruscant, the governing planet of the galaxy. This planet has a lot of boys and I want you to be safe..." He paused for a minute before picking up a bag. "I got this for you." He said. I grabbed the bag, hugged and kissed him before saying, "Thank you, daddy!" He smiled. "You didn't even look at it yet." I sighed and pulled out a black leather jacket, a black tank top, black leather pants, and finally, a hooded cape and weaponry belt. "Oh... I don't know what to say, daddy other than, thank you..." He smiled. "Go try it on." He said. I ran off with it and tried it on. I decided to be funny and put a black handkerchief over my mouth and nose. I ran down to my dad. "I'm a bandit, daddy!" I giggled. He smiled. "Hands up where I can see them, bandit." He chased after me and finally the handkerchief fell off. "I guess I'm not a bandit anymore." I said as my dad picked the cloth up off the floor. "How comfortable is that?" He asked. "You can't be serious." I said. "Well it might not be a bad idea, there are people of the Galactic Republic as well as the Galactic Senate in this area and if they find out that you're daughter of someone who is associated with the Empire... They might hire someone to kill you." He said calmly. "What about you?" I asked. "I'm making negotiations, besides, I'm skilled at getting around." He said calmly. 

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