Rogue EIGHTEEN: A Star Wars Story

This IS NOT a parody of Rogue One, I just used the title as a parody, the rest of the story has nothing to do with the movie coming out soon.

Thanks for your understanding,
JigglypuffRevolution <3


27. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto, Translation: Hello and Good-bye!

"Oh Katilina... If only you knew how long I've been looking for you." Darth Sidious spoke. 

"It's Janessa. I think you've got the wrong girl." I said smartly.

"Janessa... hm. Funny. Trying to use an alias to cover up who you are?" 

"That's typically what an alias is used for." I said sarcastically. 

"Very funny... I'm giving you four options, Katilina. One, you come home and stay home, give the Separatist Alliance's annual address and become coronated as the Separatist Alliance's first ever Empress leader. Two, you stay and face the charges. Three, we continue playing this game, you run, we find you and give you options. Fourth, and final option, DEATH."

"You wouldn't kill the only one eligible for the throne, would you? After all, you are coming close to death." I say quizzically. 

"Don't tempt me, my dear child." he says turning his back to me. 

"That's the father we all know and love." I chuckled. "You think I'll actually do good as a leader of your​ alliance?" I roll my eyes. That's a good one. 


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