Rogue EIGHTEEN: A Star Wars Story

This IS NOT a parody of Rogue One, I just used the title as a parody, the rest of the story has nothing to do with the movie coming out soon.

Thanks for your understanding,
JigglypuffRevolution <3


9. Dirty Deeds

I ordered my servants to get Greedo as soon as I cut the transmission off. Greedo, of course, being a loyal servant, came forward immediately. "Yes great Jabba?" He bowed. "U will koose Miss Shadowhand tah doe bar um trade cheekta che myo moulee-rah. Cheekta cell sa 2A. Bolla." Greedo bowed and walked off. A good 5 minutes later Greedo ran back to me. "Great Jabba, the prisoner has escaped and her weapons are missing. Looks to be the work of a Jedi." I grew wide eyed. "Jedai?" 




1.) You will bring Miss Shadowhand to the bar and trade her for my money. Her cell is 2A. Go.

2.) Jedi?

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