for now..

we can be in love for now..Right?


1. 1.) twenty one..

Lael POV

I really don't want to turn twenty one today. This age seems pointless to me. You are already an adult, so why give you another big birthday to celebrate. All it means is that now I'm legal to drink. I don't plan to go out and get wasted, but my sister does. 

My sister, Marie, has not given me a choice on whether or not I want to celebrate my birthday. So I guess I get to go to a club and get hit on by random men. Happy birthday to me. Marie bought me a tight, black dress. I don't know if i truly want to wear it. It is very tight and definitely clings to all of my curves. Then since it's so short the designer thought, "Why not add a slit on the thigh?" That little, innocent slit reveals the dream catcher tattoo I have on my hip. Just wonderful.

Around nine o' clock Marie shows up at my apartment all dolled up. While I just have the dress on paired with simplistic black heels. My auburn hair hangs down just past my shoulders. Her face immediately lights up when she sees me, "OH! You actually wore the dress!" I nod grabbing my phone, "I almost wore sweats." She laughs and motions toward the stairs, "Don't want to be late." "I don't think we can be late to a club."

The car ride was silent. I try to put on a fake smile not wanting to disappoint my sister, but it's my birthday not hers. We drive through San Francisco and I stare out the window. I so desperately want to climb back in bed with my cat. Marie's car parks down the street from the building. It doesn't look very busy, but I can hear the generic dance music from the outside. "Come on Lael, this will be the night of your life!" She says locking her car. I shoot her a half smile and follow behind her trying to pull my dress down.


Ashton POV

You see clubbing isn't my thing, nor is it the boys. Yet somehow we ended up here. I throw my head back as the warm liquid rushes down my throat, Might as well catch a buzz if I'm here. I look around for Calum, seeing as he was just besides me. I catch the entrance as two girls walk in. The first one wearing a dark blue goes right to the bar next to me. The second girl seems more reluctant. She follows the other girl tugging her little, black dress down. I laugh to myself at her attempt to cover herself. I set my shot glass down and silently watch the pair as they get their first rounds.


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