Diary of a teen mom

Victoria Bridwell is a mom of 4, step mom of one and one time divorcee living in Modesto, California. Follow Victoria's story from her perspective and find out the ins and outs of her chaotic life.


2. Teen Years

As a teenager, I was obsessed with dance and I'm glad Ever and Avi have both taken it up too. I started dance at 4 years old and to this day, I'm involved with their classes. Drama was also a passion of mine in high school and I even took part in a production when I was 4 months pregnant with Ever.

I was a straight A student in high school, managing school, work and babies at the same time and I graduated with good and high grades.

I never did rebel at school, mainly because I was a mom and had no time for rebellion, but I went out with friends often and I enjoyed a short trip away for my 21st birthday, not knowing I was 2 months gone with Aniah! (Oops) 

Being a good role model to my kids is important to me and how could I be one without achieving what I have in 24 years. I was a mom of two aged 18 and I still managed to graduate high school and eventually start college. 

I hope when my kids reach teen years, they know the consequences of bad decision making and I hope they're the best they could ever be when it comes to achieving to their dreams and goals. 

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