Diary of a teen mom

Victoria Bridwell is a mom of 4, step mom of one and one time divorcee living in Modesto, California. Follow Victoria's story from her perspective and find out the ins and outs of her chaotic life.


11. Married life

Being married to Ryan made me feel amazing and I loved adapting to a new routine including him and Kaden as well as my brood. 

All of the kids went to the same school before hand but because there's so many, we often have to use both cars. Thankfully, Ryan and I bought a Mercedes 11 seater so we can take them all at once as well as having extra room for my parents, siblings or Ryan's parents if we go out and for extra kids if Ryan and I ever have any together.

Because Ryan works early mornings, it's down to me to get the kids to school whilst he might pick up Kaden and Aniah in his car whilst I get my three in the bus.

Weekends in our house are always for family time so we'll sometimes get Kaden and all my kids and treat them to trips out to the zoo and other fun places. Since all the events in my kids lives haven't always been good, I know they appreciate the trips and gifts because not all of them get those things from both biological parents. 


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