Diary of a teen mom

Victoria Bridwell is a mom of 4, step mom of one and one time divorcee living in Modesto, California. Follow Victoria's story from her perspective and find out the ins and outs of her chaotic life.


17. Kaden

Kaden James Bridwell was born on December 28th 2009 to Ryan and his ex girlfriend, Chrissie. They broke up when Kaden was 1 and she has him most of the time but we have him Monday through Thursday.

 Chrissie lives 2 hours away in Salinas so she usually comes out to Modesto to drop him to schools and hangs around during the day. However, the agreements changing so he's gonna be moving to a school in Salinas but he knows people and has friends there.

I met Kaden when he was 3 years old, the same age as Lincoln but he's 3 months older. Ryan had just moved from Riverbank where Chrissie was also living at the time. He's an only child, or was until he met my kids and his mom had a baby brother for him. He loved my kids and they loved him from the moment they first met and the five of them are best friends. 

Now, aged 6, Kaden loves books, cars, lego, football and other sports and animals. He, as well as the others, love going to the zoo and he wants to do that when he's older. 

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