Daddy Doesn't Know


My hands traveled down my swollen abdomen. Slowly. Surely. Parts of my body had began to feel awoken, like never before.

"How is this even real?" My fingernails scratched over the skin lightly, smoothing over the few stretch marks around my belly button. My...incredibly visible...belly button.

I smoothed my hair behind my ear and placed my hands back under my stomach, turning sideways in the view of the mirror.

I was giant.

I lifted my belly and let go it was as high as I could get it, watching it sink back to where it belonged.
Nine months along and a belly that had dropped significantly.

And my parents still don't know I'm pregnant.


2. 2.

     Pacing. Pacing was all I could do. I couldn't go to school, I was sick to my stomach.
It was two and a half weeks ago when we forgot the condom. My phone buzzed in my hand and I lifted it to my ear.

"Mac, buy a few tests at the drugstore. Just get here as soon as possible. Please." I shook with fear.

For the past week I had been waking up and running to the toilet, puking my guts up. Only last night did I consider pregnancy. I missed my period.
Now this was serious.



My mouth could form no words. My tongue was dry as sandpaper and a billion thoughts crowded my brain. Mackenzie let his head hang in his hands.

"I'm so sorry." He sobbed, "I'm so fucking sorry I did this to you."

I leaned against the countertop, facing Mackenzie. I rubbed my stomach gently.

"Mackenzie what are we going to do with a baby?" My tear streaked face rose to look him in the eye.
"We'll figure something out, I promise." He wiped the tears from my eyes. He was the adult now. I was still only seventeen.

"I can't do this. This isn't possible." I turned to the mirror, looking at my belly. The kingdom to a fetus. The home to "How did we forget."

"Are we going to tell our parents?" Mac asked, a scared look in his eyes.


"What? Why?"

"I can't let them know. They won't know until it arrives. Got it?" I stares hard at him.

"You won't be able to hide a-a-a fifty pound belly from the prying eyes of your parents, Bate!"

Fifty pounds. Fuck me.

"I'll figure something out. I can't abort it, there's no fucking way. I couldn't live with myself."


"You most definitely are pregnant." Doctor Snow cleaned the jelly off of my skin. "About, four or five weeks judging by your little twin bump."

I choked. "My what?"

Doctor Snow smiled, "Congratulations Bate, you're having a set of twins. Any chance of a third fetus forming is very low but, it is still possible."

I pulled my shirt down over my small tummy and glanced over at Mackenzie. He was getting used to the fact that I was carrying his child, uh, children.
I had gained six pounds over the past few weeks even past the constant vomiting.
That bit of weight all went to my bump. I was rather skinny before, a beautiful figure so I was told. It's going to be a chore hiding the weight.

     As we drove back to Mac's apartment we sat in silence until pulling into the driveway. Mac killed the engine.

"Twins." He whispered. With a deep sigh he asked a question. "How long do you think you could really hide the belly?"

I froze. This was a new ballgame. I had double the belly to hide now. One baby would have been difficult enough. Now there's two.
I thought a moment. If I stretched this much in five weeks then..."Probably four months if I'm lucky."

That wasn't far away. Who knows, I could make three months and be the size of a softball.

"I'm going to have to have go homeschool myself for my last few months of school." I stared at the front door. "There won't be a way to conceal myself from any of them."

I drummed a pattern on my belly with my fingers and sat still. Mackenzie cautiously planted his hand over mine.

"I'll stay with you. I promise I'll stay."
Tears pricked at my eyes and I leaned to kiss him.


I had expanded about an inch already. I studied my bump in my bedroom mirror, playing with it. I sucked in to see the difference in just five weeks. Incredible. What would happen to by belly button? Would I have stretch marks? Ew.

Morning sickness seems to be leaving me alone for now. It could be back tomorrow morning but I've gotten a break today.

A knock at the door.

I pulled down my baggy white shirt and walked over to answer it. Helena stood leaning against the door frame. She was almost a mirror image of me; black hair and pale skin, she had a green eyes and chubbier cheeks. That was alright though, I made up for her baby weight with, well, babies.

"Supper's ready, mom wants you downstairs pronto."

I followed her downstairs and into the kitchen where dad stood.

"Daddy!" I smiled, rushing over to him. "How was your trip?"
"It was good Bate, I'm going again for twelve weeks in the morning."
I stared at him cooley, "But that's three months."

I'll be huge by then, I thought.


We ate in full conversation. Being asked about how Mackenzie was, how we were doing, and how school was over chicken and vegetables.

     By the time I'd ran out of there and up to 'study', it was ten-thirty. All the more time to think.

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