Daddy Doesn't Know


My hands traveled down my swollen abdomen. Slowly. Surely. Parts of my body had began to feel awoken, like never before.

"How is this even real?" My fingernails scratched over the skin lightly, smoothing over the few stretch marks around my belly button. My...incredibly visible...belly button.

I smoothed my hair behind my ear and placed my hands back under my stomach, turning sideways in the view of the mirror.

I was giant.

I lifted my belly and let go it was as high as I could get it, watching it sink back to where it belonged.
Nine months along and a belly that had dropped significantly.

And my parents still don't know I'm pregnant.


1. 1.

     As my eyes fluttered open after a late night with Mackenzie, I inhaled a deep whiff of his skin. Cotton sheets. Last night's aftershave. Sex.
My legs intertwined with his and the sheets. That was our first night together. Balancing our love life with these last few months of school were going to be hectic, might as well have one night to ourselves.

I had originally just wanted to visit him with Chinese takeout, maybe watch a comedy sitcom; short and sweet neck kisses had eventually turned into a make out session and we moved from the couch to the queen sized bed.

I draped my hand over his chest. Mac wasn't too muscular, he was the average twelfth grade boy. His cocoa brown hair still stuck to his forehead and when I looked up at him, his sweet brown eyes were looking down at me.
He smiled groggily.
I rested my head in the crook of his neck and once again breathed him in.

"How did you sleep?" He asked me. His voice was deep and sexy as he was awakening.
"I slept perfectly," I grinned against his skin.

I propped myself up on my elbows to look him in the face. Not hovering for long, I leaned in to kiss him gently and lifted myself from the bed.

Mac propped up a pillow and looked my naked body over once more.
"Where are you going?"

"I have work baby. It's only a short shift but I'll be back once I'm finished." I walked over to the bathroom door and stepped onto the laminate tiles.
"Do you have to?" He whined. "We can stay here and...and nap all day."
"We can fuck after work, Mac," I poked my head out the door and smiled, quickly pulling back. I heard him chuckle.


Heading to the back room of the café my name was called in a sort of dead tone.

"Taylor, what's up?" She looked exhausted.
"You were supposed to be here to relieve Jessie two hours ago. She walked out an hour ago. I texted you last night an said be here for ten!"
My eyebrows drew together. "Tay, you told me twelve. Look." I pulled up the message she had sent me last night.
"Christ. I'm sorry for snapping at you." Her eyes looked guilty.
"It's fine," I pulled my apron over my head and tied the back, walking out to the front counter.

Jarvis had been manning the front for the past hour since Jessie had left. He looked happier when I had stepped up and started making the drinks of impatient customers.


My shift ended at five o'clock and headed I out the door, shooting a stone look at Jessie as she came to speak with Taylor. Nothing was going to shake me. I just had to bolt home, change and head back to Mackenzie's apartment.

Helena and Mom were sitting on the couch when I walked in. Dad was still away on a fishing trip. They were eating last month's catch in a stew.

"How was your night with Joey, Bate? Oh, and how was work?" Mom always asked about my day. She thought I'd spent last night at Joey's for quality time with the girls. She would kill me if she found out I spent the night at Mac's.
"It was good mom. Just the usual, you know." I smiled and went to change.

Faded blue jeans and a maroon school hoodie suited the evening agenda. Not like it was staying on long.
I brushed my hair out of the hairnet and ponytail, leaving the long black waves to themselves. I washed my face and took my time getting the mascara off. My husky blue eyes searched for anything else I needed to do before leaving. Safe.

"Gone again, see you after school tomorrow."


There was barely any greeting.
I walked in the front door and was pushed up against the wall. It was a good thing he lived alone.
My fingers curled into his hair and his hands wrapped around by body. Along my breasts, down my torso. Mackenzie guided me back to the bedroom and my clothes were coming off. He took off his shirt and I worked on the rest.
Once he was naked and on the bed, our lips were colliding. Heavy breathing. No thoughts.
I removed my bra and he took off my underwear.

"How the fuck are you this beautiful," He managed through heavy breathing.
My grip on the headboard was like steel as I straddled his hips. He hoisted himself into me and his hands wrapped around my hips. I moaned quietly as he went back and forth. In and out.
It was so fast. It was so quick. He came inside.
"Oh," I moaned. "Yes. Thank you."
He kissed my jaw. My neck. My chest. He flipped my body underneath himself.

He moaned as he went back to work. I wrapped my arms around his neck and forced myself up to kiss him. My bottom half felt alive.

It took some time but it happened again. He came inside me.

My mind wasn't thinking. We went too fast. We forgot protection.


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