The one that got away

This is a story about a girl whom I truly loved.


3. The meeting


After a few awesome weeks of chatting we decided to meet up. Well actually she messaged me saying she's willing to drive to my house and pick me up last minute, unfortunately I was at a friends birthday bash and couldn't make it. I was quite disappointed to be honest. Anyway we made another plan to finally meet. "I can't believe I'm actually gonna meet the one and only Lunothielle. This is awesome" I kept thinking to myself. 

The next weekend she arrived at my house ( I would've picked her up but I had no car ) it was quite awkward I'm not gonna lie. Especially her friend who tagged along as I wanted her all to myself to get to know her. We arrived at the club and drank and smoked and had a wonderful time. I got very high and made a fool of myself and now I'm actually very thankful she still spoke to me after that. I had one of the best times of my life that night. 




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