The one that got away

This is a story about a girl whom I truly loved.


4. The house


The next weekend we made more plans to go partying. It was a great night and we arrived back at her place at 5 am. I was wrecked. In the car on the way home, after we managed to fit over 8 people into a 4 seater car, I was sitting on her lap and she bit me. She bit me. "This chick is weird" I thought "I kinda like it". I should mention she was drunk. 

After arriving back at her place I asked "so where do I sleep?" She pointed to a double bed. "Whoa that escalated quickly".  We got into bed and I was lying there, I wanted to cuddle and hold her so bad but I thought I better not. I had to fight that urge so hard. 

The next day I received texts from my parents asking where I was. I was in so much trouble. I felt really bad for putting Lunothielle in this position and I really didn't think we'd see eacither again. It kinda killed me to be honest. 

I arrived home and began apologizing to her on the phone and she seemed to keep her cool and we soon enough forgot about the incident and yet again made more plans. It was turning into an every weekend thing.  I couldn't believe it. It was awesome. 

She lived about 45 minutes away from my house so when we went out I slept at her place to save her drive and what what.

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