The one that got away

This is a story about a girl whom I truly loved.


1. The App


A little while ago I was getting over an ex who emotionally damaged me during and even after the relationship. One night I was busy browsing the internet on my phone and I noticed a dating app had popped up in the corner, being as curious as I am I decided to download the app and give it another shot ( I had previously used the app but got bored of it ) I began searching through the many profiles of women from far and wide ( as long as they were within 100 km of my current location as the app worked on GPS location ). 

After a few days of browsing the profiles and chatting to girls I became bored and disinterested in the app, but this time I decided I wasn't going to delete it but rather keep it. I used the app every once in a while and met some very cool girls, I had even found myself staying up to all hours of the morning on that app. 



One particular day I was using the app and I came across a profile. "Lunothielle" was the name, the profile picture was of a young woman with straight black hair attempting to do a small duck-face type of move. She had dark eye shadow, sort of like an emo or rock chick. I noticed she had a really cool pentagram necklace, I was even more interested now. A girl as beautiful as her with a pnetegram necklace isn't easy to come by, I had to talk to her so I liked her profile. Match. She had also liked mine. Success. 

A few minutes later I revived a message. "Hey" it read. It was her. It was the beautiful mysterious rock girl I had matched with moments ago. "Am I in?" I thought to myself. Of course I replied, I wanted to get to know this girl more, like inside and out. She seemed amazing. The next few messages were very typical of first time talking online chats but I really enjoyed. She soon enough gave me her number, I couldn't believe it, I was getting really close now, I tried my best not to screw it up. 

We chatted for the next few days and planned to meet each other one night. Unfortunately I had other plans and bailed on her, I felt really bad and tried to make it up to her. We planned another clubbing night. She picked me up from her house and I'm not gonna lie, things were quite awkward. Especially her friend who was with us as I wanted her all to myself to really get to know her.

We had a great night of drinking and smoking



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