The one that got away

This is a story about a girl whom I truly loved.


8. Issues


She was from a small town in the middle of nowhere and had to go see her family again, I volunteered to drive up with her. I must say, that was the best holiday I've ever had, maybe besides going camping with her before we were official. 

All went well for the next few months until the time came when she had to go back to her hometown. I was devastated. I had tried my best to help her look for new courses and jobs to keep her here as I wanted the best for her. Unfortunately I didn't work and the day came when she had to leave. I drove up to her hometown again with her. I honestly wasn't expecting this to be the last time I ever see her, and now that I think about it I wish I had made the most of those few days. 

She had to me she was coming back next year."yes!!" I thought. We could actually be together again and I could work to become a better boyfriend, I was so happy and excited, I was given a chance to prove myself. 

When I got back to Cape Town I made a new friend, Zara, much to Lunothielles dislike, understandable. There was nothing going on between me and Zara but I know Lunothielle still didn't like the fact I was trying to "replace" her. I couldn't ever do that. There was only one Lunothielle. 

The next few days were heartbreaking. We fought more and more and things just weren't the same, We briefly broke up for a while then got back together, but it was just the same over and over again. She explained to me that she was t ready for a relationship and that we shouldn't spread for a while, I managed to screw this up and kept speaking to her. 

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