The Fugitive and The Beast

"There are no second chances for a beast."

Following an unexpected death, Annalise Knight is left with an unreadable map, an amulet, and a billion questions. All she knows is that she needs to decipher the map and find out why her parents died protecting it.

All while on the run from a lord and his men who'll stop at nothing until they receive the amulet. To protect what her family has protected for centuries, Annalise leaves behind everything from her past life and boards an unknown ship that takes her somewhere she didn't even know existed.

Suddenly, Annalise is thrown into a world of witches, vampires, warlocks, and Werewolves. Things get even more complicated when the cold Werewolf King sees her as a trespasser and throws her into the dungeons. But when complications enter, they are forced to work together to protect the kingdom from total destruction. Despite Annalise trying to befriend the scary Alpha, he stays ruthless. Now Annalise will stop at nothing until she cracks open the King, and the King will stop at nothing until her hope is completely broken.

After all, who could ever love a beast?




• 1726 •

"Listen to me very closely Annalise. Never trust a beast. A beast in human form that roam these woods." The six year old's grandmother sighed softly, rocking in her rocking chair.

"Mother stop!" Annalise's father snapped.

"What is a beast?" The six year old' blue eyes blinked up at her father.

"Nothing sweetheart. Just a lil' joke gran be tellin' you." He smiled, running his hand down his daughters cheek in affection. "Why don't you go help your mother out in the kitchen, hm?"

The little girl giggled. "Okay father."

She went towards the entrance of the kitchen but stopped at the sound of voices.

"You have to stop talking to her about these things, mother." The old man said in frustration.

"What do you want me to do?" The older woman snapped at her son. "I talked to the Moon Goddess, Henry. They're getting closer and closer to figuring us out."

Her father tensed, squeezing his eyes shut. "She's not ready. Not yet."

"We don't have time for her to be ready." The older woman said harshly.

"They don't know about her. Or you. If- when, something happens.. You understand what you have to do, don't you?"

"I understand." The old woman said softly.

Suddenly loud and hard pounding came from the door.

"In the name of the Lord, I command you to open this door at once!" A voice shouted.

Her mother gasped, running into the sitting room. "Henry.." She said weakly.

"It's time." He sighed.

"Father?" Annalise stared at the front door frightened.

"Come here sweetheart." Her father pulled her into a tight hug as her mother let out a quiet sob. Her gran was filling a bag with papers and books, small portraits of the six year old and herself were also thrown in along with a single portrait of her granddaughter and her two parents.

Her father pulled out a large necklace from his pocket, handing it to her grandmother when Annalise wasn't looking, too busy being hugged by her mother.

"Listen to me Annalise." He then turned to his daughter.

"OPEN THE DOOR, I SAY!" The voice shouted again, causing Annalise to jump in fright.

"Listen." Her attention went to her father. "I know you aspire great things in this world. You're the bravest, kindest, and most brilliant woman that I am proud to call my daughter." He let a tear slip out of his eye.

"Father, why are you crying?" The little girl sniffled.

"It's nothing sweetheart." Her mother answered, wiping her own eyes.

"We love you so much Annalise. Never forget that. But we have to go now." She choked out.

"Why are you leaving?" She cried.

"We're never really gone. We're always right here." He pointed to her heart. "And right here." He pointed to her head.

"Now, I need to know if you'll be strong for us. Will you be strong for us?" He asked.

She nodded, tears leaking from her eyes.

"I love you." She whispered.

"We love you too."

She was pulled into a final large hug, before he handed his precious daughter to his mother. "Go."

"Bye." She waved sadly, being pulled away from the house, through the back door and out into the woods.

They walked for ten minutes before Annalise opened her mouth.

"Granny, when will we see Mother and Father again?" The little girl asked.

The old woman let out a sniffle. "I don't know."

Annalise looked back at the house, only to see it up in flames. Her eyes widened, her jaw dropping.

"Father!" She tried to run back, but her gran grabbed her. "Annalise, please." She cried.

"Mother! Father!"

• 1738 •

"I've got it!" The eighteen year old said proudly, holding out a handful of herbs to her grandmother. Annalise had grown, her hair reaching just passed the mid of her back in soft waves, her blue eyes bright and cheerful. Her light blue dress reached her ankles, the sleeves ending above her elbow of her hairless arm in small white riffles.

Her naturally pink lips were pulled in a grin, showing off her perfectly straight white teeth.

"Huh. I didn't think you'd get it that swiftly." Her gran teased.

Annalise turned, humming to herself as she began to mash the herb to put into a bottle for safe keeping. Her grandmother stared at her with a sad smile.

She was ready.


"Hey gran! We've ran out of vegetables. I was planning on making soup later today." She pouted. "Would you like to go to the market with me?" She asked excitedly.

Her gran sighed, but then smiled. "Alright."

Annalise grabbed a pouch of coins, locking the door of the herbalist shop as they made their way towards the busy town square, right near the shore where ships docked in and out carrying supplies.

"Here gran." She handed her a handful of coins. "Can you please get carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, and beans?" She asked kindly.

"What? No rice?" Her gran chuckles.

"Heavens no!" She made a disgusted face. "I hate rice in soup."

Annalise hummed as she walked towards stand selling fresh basil.

She felt a piece, but it was far too dry. "Anythin' a bit more soft good sir?" She asked the man.

"Of course malady." He began feeling through some of the leaves.

The old woman looked through the carrots, trying to find the freshest one she could, when she felt something darken in the air around her.

Something felt off.

She looked around, not noticing anything strange, until she froze.

A soldier with a half moon half sun chest plate. And he was glaring straight at her. His eyes flashed bright green, giving her the full confirmation of who he was.

She took a step back, and he said something. He was too far to hear, all the way down the long street filled with crowded people but she understood him completely.

Found you.

She wasted no time, dropping the carrot as he began pushing his way thorough the crowd.

"Annalise!" She grabbed her granddaughter in a hurry, forcibly pulling her away from the basil stand.

"Gran! What're you-" she began until she saw the look of horror on the face of her grandmother.

"Gran." She whispered softly. "What's wrong?"

"They're here." Her gran whispered in shock. "Annalise, lets go. We have to go to the herb shop- quickly!" She began to walk as fast as she could, pulling Annalise with her.

"What- who's They gran?" She asked in confusion, trying to follow as quickly as she could.

"I promise I'll explain when we get to the shop- but please hurry!" Her gran almost cried.

They quickly entered the shop, her gran locking every window and door possible.

"Gran what is going on!?" Annalise cried out.

"You remember the men who killed your parents?" She said with dead seriousness.

Annalise froze. "They died from a house fire while we were out."

"Wake up Annalise! You know that's not how they died. Those men were after us before- and they're here again." She whispered, rummaging through a chest.

"But- what do they want?" She asked weakly.

"This." Her gran presented her with a large necklace. Annalise blinked in confusion. "What is that?"

"It's an amulet. I can't tell you much- we don't have time." She pulled out a rolled up scroll tied with string, handing it to her.

"Listen to me carefully. Follow this map. It will lead you to a place filled with people who will help you. They're family friends. Tell them your last name- Knight. They will help you, and they will explain everything." Her gran said quickly.

"What? Gran I don't understand what's going on!"

Her gran gripped her shoulders. "I know. I know." She smiled then, a sad lonely smile. "I love you so much Annalise. And so did your parents."

Her eyes burned as she stared at her grandmother. "Why does it feel like you're saying goodbye?" She sniffled.

"Don't think of it as goodbye." She wiped her granddaughter's tears. "Think of it as see you soon."

She grabbed the amulet, putting it over her head. Annalise stared in shock as the silver glowed brightly like a fluorescent light, before settling on her. "How-" she began, but her shock cut herself off.

"Annalise. The world you live in isn't as it seems. No one will be able to take this off of you except for yourself." Her gran told her softly. "Your ancestors protected this amulet with all their might. Your parents died protecting it, and I've protected it for all these years." She told her. Annalise stared at it. "Now, it's your turn."

Loud pounding from the front door cut them off, causing both of them to jump at the sound.

"In the name of Lord Busquettes! Open this door!" A voice yelled.

"Listen to me Annalise. You cannot let them have this amulet, no matter what happens, do not. Give them. The amulet." She ordered.

"I won't." She whispered, clenching the amulet tightly in her hands.

"Even shall death greet you, you mustn't give it to them. Trust no one." Her gran whispered.

"I won't."


"Promise me. Annalise promise me you'll fight until the very end."

"I promise."

Her grandmother pulled her into a tight hug. "I love you. We all love you."

"I love you too gran." She sniffled.

"Now go my child. Run upstairs to the roof. Find a way out of this town." She let her go.

Annalise ran towards the stairs.

"Remember. Follow the map. Do not give anyone the amulet. Trust no one." Her gran said a final time before the door burst open.

Men dressed in armor with a half moon half sun chest plate walked through the door. "Let's get passed formalities, yes?" The one in the front smiled, showing off a set of canines. "Where's the amulet?"

Annalise began running up the flight of stairs, through the corridor and towards the stairs leading to the roof.

She opened the door, shutting it and blocking it with a chair she found up there.

She looked around the roof. "What do I do? What do I do?" She whispered.

She walked towards the edge. The house next to hers had a balcony. If she jumped, she might make it. Hooking the scroll to her dress tightly, she heard crashes coming from downstairs and knew she had to be quick.

Taking in a deep breath she climbed over the ledge, testing her balance before jumping, barely grabbing onto the ledge of the balcony. Luckily no one saw her jump. She grunted as she pulled herself over. She want to take a second to recover, but she knew there was no time. Time had run out on her.

Going over the balcony she climbed onto the roof, jumping two more roofs until the door to her roof was slammed open and soldiers filed in.

"There! She has the amulet!" One called out. Her eyes widened and she began running until she slipped. She let out a yelp as she slid down the roof, falling onto a curtain like fabric that covered the top of a vegetable stand, her light weight not enough to rip it. She slid down onto the cobblestone floor, bumping into a walking man. "Excuse me!" She said out of breath, running past them. When she glanced back, her jaw dropped when she saw them jump onto the stone floor from the three story high building like it was nothing.

Not looking back again, she ran faster. The crowded street came as an advantage to her, being a lot smaller than the soldiers, she slipped past people much swiftly than they did. She was running towards the stone bridge on the top of the entrance to the coast where the ships were. She gasped for breath as she climbed the stairs, soldiers hot in her heels. She ran until she stopped suddenly. It was a dead end. There was only a short ledge, no walls. She was trapped.

She turned, only to stop once again as that same soldier climbed up the stairs. He was still a good distance away from her. But he knew he had her.

He stopped, his green eyes blinking at her as he tilted his head to the side. "You look like your mother."

Annalise froze, staring at him as she took in hard deep breaths.

"And you have your father's spirit. His will." He took a few calm steps towards her. "His hope."

"I'm going to call the officers on you for murder." She told him coldly.

He let out a loud laugh. "Don't you understand, sweetheart? We are the officers."

"I have to admit," he began, "your family is quite an intelligent ancestry. Keeping that hidden from us for all these years. Your parents were quite canny as well. Somehow." He looked her up in down. "They managed to hide your existence from us for eighteen years." He smiled. "It's a shame that nothing stays hidden."

"Now. Give me the amulet." His smile never left, but the threat was as clear as the ocean below them that raged against the stone they stood upon.

Annalise stared at him. She made a promise to her grandmother. To her parents. To her bloodline. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a ship starting to leave the dock. "You're right." She chuckles, taking steps back. "My ancestry is intelligent. My parents were very canny." She gave him a smirk, her eyes cold.

"And that's why I'm their daughter." Before he could comprehend what she had said, she jumped off the ledge.

"NO!" He shouted running after her.

She gasped as she grabbed the moving wooden ledge of the boat's sails, almost slipping off if her grip wasn't so tight. The soldier let out a roar of anger as the boat shifted out of his reach.

Annalise let out a gasp as the wind caused the sails to move right violently, causing her to let go of the ledge from its force. She shrieked as she fell, her dress trailing up with her. She closed her eyes awaiting for impact with either wood or water, but hit neither.

She let out a groan when she fell on something bumpy, but it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would. Blinking she turned over to see what she had fallen onto.

Bags of rice.

She let out a snort of disbelief. "Rice? My god, rice!" She laughed suddenly. "Oh how I love rice."

She looked over, the boat was a good distance away from the dock. And standing there, was the officer, behind him his soldiers. He was staring straight at her with a look of determination. It left her feeling cold inside. This wasn't the last time she saw him, that's for sure.

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