Human Spirit

Et digt der beskriver, de værdier, jeg mener, at julen bringer frem i os, og som vi burde holde fast i, selv når det ikke er jul.
Dette er mit bidrag til adventskonkurrencen. Håber i kan lide det :)


1. Human spirit


For a long time the place

with most ice and snow was my heart,

I could feel the cold as it

grew and then I let it tear me apart,

but now I think it’s time

to make a change and dare,

because it’s the time for

loving and showing you care,

so I let the warmth within

the Christmas spirit reach my inside,

cherish the people I have near

and let them now I’d gladly give them my time,

I’ll do something for someone

who doesn’t have the opportunities I have,

because you can give

without getting something back,

I’ll try to hold on to this

mindset as long as I can,

because I believe that it’s not

the spirit of Christmas but of humans,

and if we let that spirit be

a part of us and not just a phase,

I’m sure the whole world

would be a much better place. 


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