Dear Diary: A College Students Craziness

I'm going to keep people updated on my journey through college - and maybe give tips on how to stay sane while others go through their journey! <3


3. September 21, 2016

It's rush week! (It's similar to the Thespian Society induction I went through in high school.) All in all, everything so far has been really fun. I'm a bit sad because I wasn't able to go to any of the mixers or the meeting last Monday so far for it. I'll definitely be trying harder! 

But besides that, I think I just had one of the best weeks of college so far. :)

As you know, it was rush week. So I dressed up everyday, going along with a theme that the older members of the sorority chose. It went like this:

Monday: Princess Day - I was Sleeping Beauty and got to wear my pj's all day! :D

Tuesday: Nerd Day - I was dressed as a librarian.... With a mobster coat

Wednesday: Mean Girls - On Wednesdays, we wear pink and my shirt was so fetch. >:)

Thursday: Superhero Day - I was cat woman and looked absolutely adorable! =^.^=

Friday: Fancy Phi Friday - We all dressed up to look our best.

Everything was really fun. I enjoyed dressing up a lot lol. I'm glad I decided to join, because now I sort of have another family, just one that's away from home. :) I think that's what I've been missing the most this year since I decided not to do color guard with the marching band. In high school, guard was like my second family, so I was used to having them around almost 24/7 during the first semester of school. Not having really anyone this semester was king of leaving a hole in my chest.


And I would like to say that my roommate is amazing! She's pretty fun to be around :) we're both kind of quiet though so we don't talk a whole ton. I just know that she's awesome from my intuition :P 




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