Smoke Me

I told him to smoke me...smoke me until he forgot about me//
chapters will be short


21. June 4, 2016

 The following is an excerpt from the Journal of Ella Robins


June 4, 2016



My itches are back. All I want to do is find some weed or heroin to stop them. When I don't have a little I feel these little bugs in me. But when I scratch them they're still there Jack. Britney says I need help but I know I'm fine it's just the itches. I tried to buy some heroin but Britney said if I did she would leave me. I can't lose her Jack. Being lonely is scary. But the itches are horrible. They're making me have these ugly marks on me form all the scratching. 

I just want them to stop and without a fix I don't know how I'm going to stop them. They'll keep crawling and eating at me. 



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