Smoke Me

I told him to smoke me...smoke me until he forgot about me//
chapters will be short


2. July 17, 2015

The following is an excerpt from the Journal of Ella Robins


July 17, 2015

Dear Whomever, 

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I began my period. And this is weird to write about because I know someday someone will read this but I have to. I hate periods. The only thing good about them is that it means you're not pregnant yet. But what I don't understand is why if my vagina is just shedding some dead cells why does the rest of my body have to suffer? My acne comes back and hair on my body increases. The worst is that I get emotional. 

This morning I cried because I dropped a Frosted Flake. And I thought about how I kinda just ended it's life or something. Then I wanted to drown Christina in the sink when she said I never clean up my room. My emotions are just a rollercoaster that I'm forced to ride on for the next five days or so. 

Oh and school is in a month :) can't wait to see all the people I hate


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