Smoke Me

I told him to smoke me...smoke me until he forgot about me//
chapters will be short


16. January 12, 2016

The following is an excerpt from the Journal of Ella Robins 


January 12, 2016


Life sucks Jack. It really does. The day after Christmas my parents kicked me out again. Connor won't answer me again and I'm stuck in some shelter place. I've been here for over two weeks and I can't stay here any longer. They won't let me smoke my weed in here. They say it's bad for the rest of the women in here. But half of them smoke worse things than me. But I made a friend. Or at least I consider her my friend. Her name is Britney and no she's not a blonde.


She has black hair with big grey eyes. She's a prostitute. Now I know what you thinking. Why would you be friend someone like that? Because despite her job she's a sweet girl I promise. She wants to do better and get out of here. And I know she will. As for me I don't think I'll really do much. Probably get a job as a waitress or something. 

But Britney is smart. She said she would make it...for me

And I know God says it's wrong for a girl to love a girl but I think I'm slowly falling for her Jack. 


Ella xx

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