Smoke Me

I told him to smoke me...smoke me until he forgot about me//
chapters will be short


14. December 17, 2015

The following is an excerpt from the diary of Ella Robins


December 17, 2015


Everything was going fine Jack. We were picture fucking perfect. We were on top of the world. Then he found you. He was cleaning up and he found you Jack. I told you to keep yourself hidden. 

I know you didn't mean it did you? You didn't did you?

Anyway Connor broke up with me and know I'm back on the streets. Homeless and freezing. I bet you're wonder how I'm doing in school huh? Well I dropped out last week. I couldn't stand to want to get up and go. And Connor and I dropped out together so it seemed fine. But now none of my friends will speak to me. Nobody wants to talk to me Jack. No one. 

Now I'm writing this in a Taco Bell. 

Does it get better Jack? Please tell me it gets better 



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