Dire Situations [BTS]

"this is a national emergency"

a BTS zombie apocalypse au

Rated M for Violence


3. two

The three boys easily made it back into the lobby. The zombies they had killed before were still motionlessly lying on the floor.


"How do you think this happened?"


Taehyung looked towards Jungkook, not sure of the real answer to his question.


"I...I honestly don't-"


Taehyung was stopped short when a faint sound caught his attention. He slowly turned away from the other two, closely listening for the thing that peaked his curiosity.


"What's wrong?" Jungkook asked, confusion clearly heard in his voice as he worriedly looked at Taehyung. The latter stayed silent as gently set his bag down and slowly walked towards where the sound was first heard. He held his knife in his hand, preparing himself for what may happen.


Not hearing the sound before, Jungkook and Jimin looked at him in confusion as he continued to quietly walk over to where the front desk was located. He peeked behind the large desk.


"That's strange..." he whispers to himself. There was nothing behind the desk.


"What is it?" Jungkook asks. Taehyung just shakes his head and walks back over to the two boys.


"I thought I heard something but nothing's over there..."


"Well, we need to get out of here before anything attacks us," Jungkook says as he fixes his bag and tightly grips the bat in his hands. You could hear moans and groans from the now turned people in the building.


"Yeah, good idea..let's go."


Tae picks up his bag and begins to walk towards the main doors. The other boys follow behind him.


"Jungkook, you ready?" Taehyung whispers as he looks at the younger. Jungkook nods his head as he firmly holds the bat in his hands.


"Jimin, are you ready?"


Jimin nods his head and holds on to Jungkook for protection.


"Okay, let's go. Be as quick as possible." Taehyung says. He then opens the door and quickly sprints out. The two boys follow behind him.


"Where exactly are we going?" Jungkook asks as they turn down a dark alley.


"We need to stay out of sight until we figure out where to go." Taehyung quietly replies.


"How about under the bridge? They won't be able to get down there." Jungkook says.


"T-that's almost a mile away! It'll be almost impossible to make it there unharmed." Jimin added.


Taehyung sighed. "I don't think we have much of a choice here, Jimin."


"He's right. We need to get to a safe place, no matter how far it is."


Jimin looks at Jungkook, then at Taehyung. He sighs, knowing they're right.


"Well, we should stay here until that group of them passes."


Taehyung and Jungkook nod their heads in agreement. They all look towards the beginning of the alley where the light touches. People are still screaming and running frantically around the area. Some have weapons, some just have their family to hold onto, and some have neither.


"I wish we could save them." Jimin whispers. He knows they won't be able to. It's not like they're trained zombie killers. Just three college students who never even thought something this drastic and terrifying could happen.


"I think we should go." Jungkook says as the large group of zombies chase a vehicle down the road. They slowly and quietly walk towards the front of the alley. Before going completely out, Taehyung peaks his head around the corner.


"It's not completely clear, but there's not as many as before. Most of them went up the road. Let's go."


Jungkook and Jimin follow behind a crouching Taehyung, ducking behind wrecked cars so they're not seen by the zombies in the road. As they continue walking, Jimin turns his head to look at the dance studio he was supposed to be training at. Instead of tired students dancing to a catchy beat, the studio was filled with the undead. Some were gathered around a body, fighting over the remains. Others were walking around aimlessly, slowly shuffling their feet. It was a sad sight to see. The people Jimin couldn't wait to be friends with, and even some people he already charmed and befriended.


"Taemin... Yongbae... Hoseok?"


Jimin looked at the window in confusion as a black haired man peered his head from behind the thick curtains. It was the local dance instructor, Jung Hoseok, completely unharmed.


Jimin tapped on Jungkook's and Taehyung's shoulders so they would stop moving. They both turned and looked at him, then looked towards the window when he pointed at it.


Both of their eyes went wide. They were shocked to see Hoseok had survived, considering that his entire studio was filled with zombies. The three boys all exchanged glances between each other, staring at the studio with uncertainty.


"Should we help him?" Taehyung whispered while counting the many ravenous zombies.


"I'm not sure. We can't risk one of us getting hurt." Jungkook answers.


"But we can't just leave him there to die!"

Taehyung and Jungkook both whip their heads towards Jimin. Tears brim his eyes as he looks at the studio.


"Okay, okay. We'll try to save him." Taehyung quickly says to Jimin, hoping that the older would stop crying.


"We can't go through the front entrance though, there's too many of them." Jungkook says as he peeks at the window again. A zombie looks at him and sprints to the window, loudly banging on the glass. The noise catches the attention of many other zombies in the studio, causing them to run towards the windows as well.


"Shit, we need to go." Taehyung whispers. He turns to the window where Hoseok is and mouths to him that they will come back later for him and to stay safe.


"Let's go."


They all run towards the next alleyway hoping that the loud banging from the windows didn't attract the zombies that had walked in the opposite direction. As they run down the alley they spot a ladder that leads to the roof of the building. Taehyung jumps up and grabs onto it. Using whatever strength he has, he pulls himself up and starts climbing the ladder. Jungkook does the same, and starts climbing, only to stop when they hear Jimin struggle.


"I can't reach it guys!" Jimin says as he jumps to grab the metal, only to miss it by an inch.


Jungkook sighs. "Move shorty, I'm coming down." He goes back down the ladder and jumps to the ground.


"Get up on my shoulders."


Jimin nods and hops onto Jungkook's back and soon finds himself on the younger's broad shoulders. Jungkook moves closer to the ladder, allowing Jimin to easily grasp onto it and begin his climb. The younger jumps and climbs the ladder again, and they all soon find themselves on top of the small building.


"We need to figure out how to get into that dance studio." Jimin says with a pout on his face. They all sit and think of ways to safely enter the studio without causing attention to themselves.


"Wait, what about the alley door?" Jungkook asks.


"There's a big lock on it. Hoseok said he never felt like taking it off." Jimin adds.


Taehyung sighs in frustration as he rubs the sides of his forehead. "We need to find something strong enough to break it. Maybe there's something in this building."


"Wasn't this that music teacher's building? I doubt we'll find anything useful in here." Jungkook says.


"It's worth a shot to look." Taehyung replies. He stands up and goes to the emergency door that's closer to the back. It's already unlocked. He waves the others over and they all peer through the door. There's no light all the way down the stairs, and the quiet is terrifying.


"Well, who wants to go first?" Jimin asks while looking back and forth at the boys. Jungkook pulls out his phone (that he was extremely relieved that he had been charging before everything went downhill) and turned on his flashlight. He slowly and carefully walked down the stairs, Jimin and Taehyung following close behind.


They soon reached the bottom of the stairs and found another already opened door. Jungkook carefully opened it and checked to see if any zombies were lingering around.


"It's clear."


The boys all rushed inside the dark room. Shivers made their way down the boy's spines at the sight of how eerie the abandoned and barely lit room was. Music papers were scattered everywhere. A closed piano sat in the corner of the room.


They made there way out the room and into a bare hallway. Stepping quietly, they turned a corner and found another room. This time it was lit by various candles. Large, messy writing was found on one wall.


"They told me I was crazy preparing for the undead. They should've listened." Jungkook quietly reads.


"I've heard about this guy warning everyone about the apocalypse lately, but I thought it was just a stupid rumor." Taehyung softly says as he looks at the wall.


"Hey guys, look what I found." Jimin whispers. Jungkook and Taehyung both spot the other boy kneeling next to a large crate.


"There's a note on top." Jimin says as he grabs the paper.


"To the person who finds this crate. I've left a few things I couldn't carry with me. Take what you need."


Taehyung opens the crate and gasps.


"The things you will find in this crate are:

-A pistol and some ammo. Don't shoot unless you really need to. Guns are noisy and will attract them

-A flashlight with new batteries inside

-Bolt cutters. These will come in handy, trust me

-A lighter


It's not much, but everything is useful. Good luck."


"This guy is really nice for leaving this stuff." Jungkook mumbles.


"Put these in your bag." Taehyung says as he starts taking stuff out the crate, handing each item to Jimin.


"These are just what we needed to save Hoseok." The oldest exclaimed as he grabs the bolt cutters.


"Yeah, so let's go now before those things find a way to him." Taehyung says.


After a few minutes, they all find themselves climbing back down the ladder. Quickly but cautiously, they go back to Hoseok's building and down the side alley.


Taehyung takes the cutters out of Jimin's bag and turns towards the door, but widens his eyes when he sees the lock lying on the ground.


"It's already broken."


Jimin rushes over to the door and slowly opens it. His eyes scan the room, only to find a dead zombie and blood on the floor.


"He's... gone."

Cheesy ass ending lol

I didn't feel like editing this so there's probably mistakes (I'll fix them later). Also, sorry I haven't been updating. I got stressed from school, and lazy over the summer. I'll try to write and update more often when I can.

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