Dire Situations [BTS]

"this is a national emergency"

a BTS zombie apocalypse au

Rated M for Violence


1. Prologue

"This is a national emergency. An apocalypse is upon us. We warn you to take caution and stay indoors. We repeat, stay in-"

Darkness. Silence. Both surrounded them.

Jungkook and Taehyung sat on the dingy couch in the middle of their small apartment living room, unable to speak. Unable to comprehend the words they had just heard coming from the old tv on the other side of the coffee table.

Jungkook looked over at Taehyung, barely able to see his face through the dim light sneaking from behind the closed curtains. Taehyung was in shock, but no expression could be read on his face.


No response. Jungkook continued to stare at the older boy, hoping for him to say something, but Taehyung 
wouldn't speak.

Instead of saying his name again, Jungkook scooted over to the other boy, embracing him in a hug.

"Jungkook..I'm dreaming..right?"

Jungkook stayed silent, not really sure how to respond. He knows his roommate knows he's not dreaming, but he still wants to say yes. As if saying that will make the situation better.

Taehyung stood up, forcing Jungkook to let him go in the process, and walked over to the window. Gently pushing the curtains to the side, he peered out the glass. 

Down below, all hell had broke loose. It was only now that both boys could truly hear the screams of the running people. 

Taehyung took a few steps back, tripping over his foot as he did so. Not knowing what to say, he just sat on the floor, tears streaming out of his eyes. Jungkook was crying too, but quickly wiped away his tears, trying to force himself to keep his emotions together.

Jungkook stood up to walk over to Taehyung, wanting to comfort him and calm him down, but a knock was soon heard at the door.

The younger boy walked to the door, hand shaking as he twisted the knob and slightly opened the door.

"Please let me in! Please! I don't want to die! Please!" a man yelled, his voice shaking. Jungkook was hesitant at first, but soon opened the door so the man could enter.

As soon as he was inside, Jungkook closed the door and made sure it was locked.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" the man said over and over.

"Can you show me where the bathroom is? I'm bleeding pretty badly.." their neighbor said. Jungkook told him where to go, and he thanked him again.

"I suggest you boys grab something to defend yourself with just in case one of those monsters wanders up here!" He said as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Jungkook quickly walked over to the kitchen drawers and threw them open, searching for any type of weapon they could defend themselves with. He grabbed a few knives and placed them on the counter. When Jungkook turned around, Taehyung was sitting on the couch, face expressionless. 

"Ummm, I'm gonna go check on him in the bathroom to see if he found the first aid kit." He told him, not expecting a response. Taehyung was silent, and continued to stare at nothing.

Jungkook walked towards the bathroom and peeked inside. "Um, sir? Are you okay? Do you need any help?"

"No I'm fine. One of those things scratched me but It's just a scratch. Nothing to serious."

Jungkook only nodded, and walked away from the bathroom to the couch. Taehyung was still staring at nothing.

"We're going to get through this, Tae. I promise..."

They sat on the couch for a few minutes, nothing but the faint sound of screams could be heard from outside and from lower floors of the building. That is until they heard a large thump in the bathroom.

Both boys looked back as they waited to see what would happen, but there was nothing. 

"Sir?" Jungkook said standing up again. He slowly walked towards the bathroom.

"Sir, are you okay in there?" Jungkook said, slightly opening the door.

A hand swung at him. Jungkook dodged it, but fell backwards, landing on his behind. Soon after, the man busted out of the bathroom. But it wasn't the man from before. It was a monster.

Jungkook's eyes widened in fear as the zombie launched at him. He rolled over just in time, right before he could claw him. Standing up at the speed of light, Jungkook quickly started running towards the kitchen. But the zombie was fast too. 

Before Jungkook could make it over to the counter where all the knives had been placed, he tripped.

Desperately crawling away, he prayed that he would live through the current situation.

Meanwhile, Taehyung was standing up, looking at them in shock. His body was frozen in place. He wanted to move, telling himself to do something, but he couldn't.


It was only then when Jungkook screamed out for help, that Taehyung could move his body. He quickly picked up a glass beer bottle from off the coffee table and rushed over to them, breaking it against the zombie's head.

The zombie stumbled a bit, allowing Jungkook to get away from him, but the zombie soon recovered and was now running towards Taehyung.

The zombie swung at him, but he ducked just in time, allowing him to stab the monster with the broken bottle in his hands. Over and over and over, Taehyung stabbed the monster in front of him, even after he was ultimately dead.

Jungkook watched in fear as Taehyung continued to stab. It was like he had no control over his body. 


He continued to stab.

"TAE!" Jungkook yelled as he stood up and ran over to the older boy. He grabbed him and pulled him away from the body lying on the floor.

"Tae it's over!" He yelled while looking him in the eyes, trying to find any ounce of his friend left.

Taehyung dropped the bloody bottle that was in his hands and embraced his friend. Tears were streaming down his face.

"It's okay Taehyung.. It's over now." Jungkook whispered, trying his best to comfort the other boy. After a few moments, Taehyung let go of Jungkook. He wiped his tears.

"We need to get out of here. It's not safe."

Jungkook only nodded as he started to rush around the apartment, grabbing weapons, food, and clothes for the both of them. He packed the stuff in two duffel bags.

"Let's go." Jungkook said, tossing a bag towards Taehyung.

 Taehyung grabbed a large knife from out the bag, Jungkook had a baseball bat gripped in his hand. 

Both boys walked towards the apartment door, preparing themselves for what was to come. Preparing themselves, for the new reality that was now the world.

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