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3. Misfits by IAmYourNemesis


A/N: I will be following this form for every small review. :) It's borrowed from Rockkarolla Maverick's chocolate pudding or bitter gourd review store. It's not exact but it's basically the same. I hope she won't mind as I can't ask her now that she's become inactive. DX




1st Review

'She was flying.'


Title: Misfits

Author: IAmYourNemesis

Date Published: Oct. 27th 2016

Last Updated: Oct. 27th 2016

Rated: Green

Genre: Paranormal & Supernatural

Chapters: 1

Approx: 7 minutes

Status: In Progress

Blurb: Everyone thinks she's a bit weird, but the truth is, she's just bored. She's sick of every day and every night being the same. She's sick of having the same dream over and over again. And most of all, she's sick of being average. She wants to be extraordinary. But like it or not, she is about as ordinary as they come. And she will be ordinary until the day she dies. Or, at least, until the day she realises she isn't. 

Suggested By: Striped Sweaters Forever



At First Glance: The cover and blurb are both intriguing! It certainly seems like a promising read. The cover hints at telekinesis and that's always a wonderful hook to reel in readers. 


Chapter One - Falling: This is by far the best way to start a story! Between the realization the character has at the end of the chapter and the back story of her dreams, you get the inkling she's already discovered her powers. With where she has found herself it makes you want to keep reading. 


Overall: I think this is a wonderful story. It shows promise of becoming a great read and could even be published. The way it's written is perfectly paced for the start of the story and I hope the author continues to write it appropriately for the way the story changes.


Recommendations: The only thing I would suggest to the author would be to watch her commas and the length of her sentences.


To Read Or Not To Read: This ultimately is the reason you came here. In my opinion, I think this is a great story to read. If you haven't read the first chapter already you should and comment nice things to motivate the author to continue.


Next Up: The Cold Skinned and Warm Hearted by aphlenchan

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