Mystery love

Bailey Smith has always had trouble making the right decision and is always getting caught up in bad situations. What will happen when she meets one of the baddest boys in town, the one and only Justin Bieber. Will Bailey fall for him or stay away? Will he let her stay away?


2. Unexpected Arrival

Bailey's POV

We end up taking my car to the party. As we pulled up there were already a good amount of people there. It wasn't completely dark yet meaning the party was just getting started. I got out of the car, then locking arms with Mayla. We started laughing about how cheesy I locked my arm with hers, tonight was going to be fun. Once we entered we said hi to Conner who was the one hosting the party, after we talked for a bit I ended up going to the kitchen to get myself something to drink. There was a huge variety of alcoholic beverages. Damn. It practically looks like we are at a bar. 

"What shall I get the pretty lady to drink?" Conner asked from behind me, I turned around to see him right there. I immediately started laughing. 

"Surprise me" I managed to say through my laugh attack. 

"Well, close your eyes then!" Conner said sounding like a 5 year old. Ah I love my friends, even if there not the best people. Now see I have trouble with making the "right" type of friends. I almost always settle for the bad crowd. They just seem more interesting. Becoming friends with who I did made me into the party type, at first I was very conservative, but now I wild and laid back, if that makes any sense. 

Conner hands me my drink, I thank him then take a tiny sip. Surprisingly it was really good, strong, but good. "Damn Conner you should become a bartender, your hella bomb at making drinks." I said before taking a big sip of my drink. 

After about 5 more drinks, I was totally drunk and went to go dance. When suddenly someone walked through the door, many people have be walking in and out, but the only reason why it caught my eye this time was because it was Jason... my angry, abusive ex-boyfriend. 

Almost immediate I ran for my friends. As I was running I bumped into someone, I looked up and saw his golden- brown eyes. I was then thrown out of my gaze by someone yanking my hair and pulling me back.

"What are you doing here baby?" Jason said, still holding onto my hair. I could tell he was drunk, he must of been out because he just got here. 

He was pulling my hair really hard, I started to cry. I whispered, "Let me go." 

That when everyone froze, I turned to see what they were looking at. It was golden eye boy standing there pointing a gun at Jason. 

"I suggest you let go of her before I actually pull this trigger." He said, his eyes suddenly went from the magnificent golden color to pit black. Jason immediately let go and ran away.  



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