Mystery love

Bailey Smith has always had trouble making the right decision and is always getting caught up in bad situations. What will happen when she meets one of the baddest boys in town, the one and only Justin Bieber. Will Bailey fall for him or stay away? Will he let her stay away?


1. Party

Background Info

Bailey Smith is 17 almost 18. She is "classified" as the pretty popular. She had brown-blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She is the party type. Almost every night she and her crew go to parties. Her crew consists of Isabel, Mayla, Alyssa, Mikey, and of course herself. She and her crew were yet going to another party.

Bailey's POV

Ugh another party. I didn't want to go to this party for one and only one reason... my ex, Jason, was going to be there. Jason was always the angry type. He would always get mad when I turned down anything he asked. He started to get abusive. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get out so I told him one night. let me leave and I promise I won't call the cops. Now remember Jason was the angry type, he told me that one day he will get me back, and when he did i will "regret" ever leaving him. I wasn't scared though, sometimes that boy was only talk. 

"BAILEY?!" Mayla said while waving her hand in my face. Mayla was always so energetic and fun to be around. Honestly she was my favorite and closest friend out of all of them. 

"Yea, sorry I guess I might of zoned out." I replied. I was once again thinking about Jason. I didn't love him anymore, I am not exactly sure if I ever did, but I was still thinking about him. It was more of a haunting though.

"Great, well now that I got you back down to earth, let's pick put an outfit." She said, while taking out a very cute i might say cut out black dress. I squealed by how cute it looked. This dressed suddenly changed my point of view on this party, maybe it will be fun after all. 

I change into the dress and turned to Mayla, who was standing there with her jaw dropped. 

"Damn girl! You look hot! That dress fits your curves so well." Mayla said in awe. I just replied with a giggle while I put on some nude color high heels. 

While Mayla was picking out a dress to wear, I started to do my makeup. Suddenly I heard the door open to see the rest of the gang all ready to go.

"You guys almost done? We wouldn't want to be late to the party!" Alyssa screamed. That girl was never quiet, sometimes I wonder if she does it because she wants to be the center of attention all the time or just simply have hearing issues, extreme hearing issues. 

Through the door I yelled, "Give me 5 minutes, I just need to touch up my makeup." I settled for a smokey eye look. I got to say I look sexy, definitely party ready. I walked out of the bathroom, only to get a bunch of stares and 'damn you look good"

"Haha thanks guys, but stop drooling and lets get going." I giggled by how lame they were, sometimes they really crack me up.  


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