Mystery love

Bailey Smith has always had trouble making the right decision and is always getting caught up in bad situations. What will happen when she meets one of the baddest boys in town, the one and only Justin Bieber. Will Bailey fall for him or stay away? Will he let her stay away?


3. Mystery Boy


Bailey's POV

After the incident, the boy asked if I was alright, he ended up taking me home, my friends came later after the party with my car since I left it there. Oh did I tell you, I live alone. My parents died about a year ago, they were murdered. We never found the murderer, so for now whoever it was has gotten away with it. Anyways after my parents deaths everything was passed down to me since I was their only child. I wasn't put into a foster home or anything because I was almost an adult, so I just kept the house.

When I woke up I had the biggest headache ever. When I walked downstairs everyone was already up.

"How you doing Bailey, we heard Jason came to the party last night." Mikey said.  

"Ya, we had a little encounter." I had a little annoyance in my voice, speaking I really didn't want to relive the moment from last night.

"Sorry, didn't mean to get you bad, anyways who gave you a ride last night?" Mikey responded. As I tried to remember, I couldn't remember what his faced looked like. The only thing I remember is his beautiful eyes and how he saved me. 

"I don't remember. I must of been really drunk." I giggled at the last part, glad I didn't do anything stupid last night. 

I went into the bathroom cabinet to get something for my headache, after I took a couple pain killers I almost automatically felt better. I then went into the kitchen to get myself something to eat. I sat there, eating my cereal thinking about the boy from last. Oh i would give anything to remember who he was. Something in his eyes drew me in wanting to figure out who this mystery boy was. 

That's it! I told myself that I am determined to find this person. For now he is my mystery boy. 

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