Mystery love

Bailey Smith has always had trouble making the right decision and is always getting caught up in bad situations. What will happen when she meets one of the baddest boys in town, the one and only Justin Bieber. Will Bailey fall for him or stay away? Will he let her stay away?


5. Mission

Justin's POV

I didn't want everyone to see me with a gun last night, but I just couldn't let that girl get pushed around like that. I will have to admit that there was something about that girl that draws me in, but I'm Justin Bieber I can't risk my reputation for a girl. I am the head of a gang called 6 OG's, meaning 6 original gangsters. My gang consist of myself, Chaz, Ryan, Khaili, Marissa, and Lily. Don't mistake the girls in the gang, they are the toughest bitches you will ever meet. I couldn't stop thinking about... oh shit I never got her name. 

I couldn't forget her face, her face was just so, so BEAUTIFUL. Her blue eyes were to die for. She just made me wanna get to know her. I want to know everything about her. Last night after I dropped her off, I went back to my house in the woods, I was very isolated, no one lived near me which was really nice. Once I walked in, it was basically like a wild zoo, everyone was fighting and yelling about something that I couldn't make out since so many people were talking. 

"Everyone, SHUT UP!" I yelled, everyone instantly stop talking and looked towards me, "Now I want one of you to tell me what all this fighting and arguing is about. Chaz speak, NOW"

"Okay, so basically the gang from the other side of town came by today and threatened to ruin us if we killed another one of their gang members." I rubbed my temples at his response. Maybe if the other gang did their job right and gave us our correct shipments and gave them to us on time we wouldn't have an issue, but since that's APPARENTLY impossible for them, we had to teach them a lesson and show them we aren't messing around. How did we teach them a lesson? Well we killed one of their own. 

"So, that one thing is what started this whole yelling fest? Honestly guys that's bullshit, that gangs is and always have been talk, they never went through with anything they've said they were going to do. So stop worrying about it." 

After I got everyone to calm down from that stupid threat, I went to the kitchen and got myself a beer. I know I'm not "legally" old enough to drink alcohol, I'm only 19, but have you ever met someone who actually follows those rules?  Once I sat down, I caught myself thinking of the girl from last night again. She was stuck in my mind. I then realized that she wasn't going to stop messing up my head. I needed to find her again. I didn't know what I was going to do once I found her, but I was determined to figure more out about her. For now she is my mystery girl. 

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