*m.c.* Miles Away

One,two,three,four.......how many miles more?

'It doesn't hurt that my crush is across the world,what hurts is that he knows that I'm waiting day after day,but doesn't give a damn about it.'

'I know she's waiting for me....and I love her for that.'

Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd


9. -9- Don't Stop

(A. POV)


The guys' music plays as I lie on my bed. It's been two weeks since Michael called me and apologized. I miss him. I miss his smile and his laugh and his colorful hair and everything about him. 

An hour passes and I'm still lying on the bed,listening for Michael's voice through the songs. I lip sync lightly and close my eyes,thinking of him even more. I hear a knock on the window. I sit up and look behind me to find Michael's face. I laugh and open the window. He climbs inside and hugs me tight. He pulls away and smiles.

Then Luke and Ashton climb in. 

"It's not a party until I have arrived." Luke says and Ashton rolls his eyes. 

"Where's Calum?" Michael asks.

"He went back to the front door." Ash says.

I laugh and hear Calum's footsteps going up the stairs. He hugs me when he enters the room and Mom shows up behind him.


I laugh as the guys talk about the posters fans had at the concerts. My phone buzzes on my bed and notice it's from a friend from camp. He sent me a screenshot and I see it's a conversation with Carter. 

Evan: So,you and Amanda together or...?

Carter: As if. She's annoying and totally head-over-heels. 

Evan: Dude....

Carter: Seriously though,she's oblivious.

Evan: You're kidding.

Carter: No.

I set my phone down and fake smile at my friends and brother.

"You okay?" Luke asks.

I nod. "Yeah." I lie.


"Don't stop doin' what you're doin.' Cause every time you move to the beat,it gets harder for me."

-Don't Stop

By: 5 Seconds of Summer


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