*m.c.* Miles Away

One,two,three,four.......how many miles more?

'It doesn't hurt that my crush is across the world,what hurts is that he knows that I'm waiting day after day,but doesn't give a damn about it.'

'I know she's waiting for me....and I love her for that.'

Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd


8. -8- Close as Strangers

(M. POV)


"She hasn't been returning or answering my calls or my texts." I tell the guys.

"Amanda?" Calum asks.

"Yeah." I reply.

"She knows what you called her." Luke comments.

My eyes shift to Calum.

"I had to." 

"I didn't mean it."

"Words were said. After they are said,you can't take them back no matter how many times you apologize."

I get up and step outside of the dressing room and into the hallway. 

I call Amanda and she answers finally.

"Amanda! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. I was just mad about the airplane ticket thing."

"Michael,how could you?" She sobs.

"I'm so sorry,Am," I reply. "I'm sooooo sorry."

"Michael,it broke my heart." She tells me.

"That breaks my heart,Amanda."

Her phone is taken.

"Michael fucking Gordon Clifford," Amy,Amanda and Calum's neighbor,says. "How could you?"

"Amy,this isn't any of your business."

"Fuck you."

"Give Amanda the phone."

"Michael,I don't feel like talking right now."

"Amanda,no. Please forgive me. I miss you. I'll come to you the instant I can. I swear,Am. I'll climb in the window if it's late like I used to when we were both bored."

She hangs up.


"I need to go home." I declare.

Ashton looks up at me. "Why?"

"I need to show Amanda that I care."

"You'll make her think you like her back." Calum comments.

"Who said I don't?" I say.

"I SHIP IT." Luke shouts.

"But seriously,I need to go."

"You can't we have two more shows this week." Calum says.

"And a ton next week." Ashton adds. 

"Yeah." Luke agrees.

"As soon as I can,I'm going home," I say. "No matter what."


"It feels like we're as close as strangers."

-Close as Strangers

By: 5 Seconds of Summer

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