*m.c.* Miles Away

One,two,three,four.......how many miles more?

'It doesn't hurt that my crush is across the world,what hurts is that he knows that I'm waiting day after day,but doesn't give a damn about it.'

'I know she's waiting for me....and I love her for that.'

Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd


7. -7- Long Way Home

(A. POV)


"Hey,Mom?" I ask and she looks up from her book. 

"Yeah?" She asks.

"You know that package I got from the guys earlier?" She nods. "Well this was in it,"

I hold up a plane ticket to London. She looks up at me.

"Mom, I miss them so much. Please?" She smiles.

"Sure,but you do realize you have to wait a week and a half?"

I nod,looking at the ticket.

"I love you. Thanks." I tell her,hugging her.


"Greetings from Germany!" Ashton's voice rings through the phone,making me laugh.

"Okay,okay," Calum says. "Amanda,I have to....I have to tell you something." 

"What's up?" I ask. 

"Well,two things."


"First, Michael said some things about you last night."

"Really?" I smile.

"Yeah,some realllllly....Amanda,they weren't good."

"But,really. What did he say?" I ask,not believing him.

"He called you a," His voice drops. "A lot of mean things....like an annoying bitch and a slut."


"Amanda,we defended you. We tried."

"C-calum,why?" I ask.

"I'm not sure."

"What's the other thing?"

"We're not gonna be in London when you'd fly in."

"What?" I ask.

"We're sorry."

"But Mom was gonna let me go." 

"Amanda,I'm so sorry."

"Calum,come back home." I say after a moment.


"Calum,I need you."

"In a few weeks,I'll be back before we go to America."

"I need you now," I tell him. "I need my big brother."


"So we're takin' the long way home."

-Long Way Home

By 5 Seconds of Summer


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