*m.c.* Miles Away

One,two,three,four.......how many miles more?

'It doesn't hurt that my crush is across the world,what hurts is that he knows that I'm waiting day after day,but doesn't give a damn about it.'

'I know she's waiting for me....and I love her for that.'

Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd


6. -6- Hey Everybody!

 (M. POV)


We've been talking with Amanda on video chat for an hour now and I've noticed a guitar pick on a chain around her neck.

"Hey,who's pick is that?" I ask.

"Carter gave it to me." She replies and I nod.

"Michael's still jealous." Ashton comments.

"Yeah." Calum laughs.

"Shut up." I say. 

"It's true." Luke tells me.

"Seems like it anyway." Amanda adds.

"Fuck you guys." I say and leave,and they all laugh,and I smile at Amanda's laugh. 



Alright,I am jealous. But just a tad bit.


"Hey Everybody! We don't have to live this way!"

-Hey Everybody

By: 5 Seconds of Summer


A/N- Sorry for such a short chapter,i was super busy and almost forgot.

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