*m.c.* Miles Away

One,two,three,four.......how many miles more?

'It doesn't hurt that my crush is across the world,what hurts is that he knows that I'm waiting day after day,but doesn't give a damn about it.'

'I know she's waiting for me....and I love her for that.'

Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd


1. -1- Too Late

(A. POV)

Calum hugs me and smiles as he pulls away. He nods the guys over and lets them hug me,one by one. Having him as an older brother is kinda annoying,since he's super protective over me. Luke hugs me,then Ash,and finally Michael. Michael hugs me the longest and tightest. Michael and I are super close friends, I actually have the slightest crush on him,but he doesn't like me that way. He told me so. 


Calum hugs our parents and then hugs me once more. Then the guys all look at each other. 

"We should get going." Calum finally declares to the families. I nod in response,and they pick up their luggage. 

As they turn to leave,Michael begins walking backwards,facing us. He salutes us and begins to walk regularly. My parents and I stand there for awhile,then we begin to walk. My parents start to talk to the other guys' parents and I put my earbuds in and play the guys' music.


My mom leans in my doorway and I keep my eyes on the ceiling.  

"Come on,we're gonna go to Luke's house for dinner." She tells me,smiling. 

"Jack always teases me." I reply. 

"Tease him back." She tells me. Real smooth,Mom. 

"That's rude." I answer.

"Then ignore him." 

"Mom,that's hard." 

"I know you miss Michael...and Calum...but you can't miss out on everything." 

"It's already down the drain,I have school." 

"It's summer,Amanda." 

I sit up and face her. "Alright." I groan. 


Liz lets us inside and I sit on the couch,next to Lauren,Ashton's sister. 

"Hey." I say.

"Hi." She replies.

My phone buzzes and it's Calum. And it buzzes again. Michael.  


"I'm always too late." 

~ Too Late

By 5 Seconds of Summer




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