Secrets (Jacob Whitesides)

Jacob Whitesides is a popular singer but doesn't tell the girl he loves.

Will she find out or will he tell her?


6. Movie Time

Me and Jacob decided to go upstairs to my room since we didn't want to watch that movie. But I mean my mom and dad won't let us do that so we went to the pool and just sat by the pool side and looked up at the sky and the stars and the moon. It was a good night I had my boyfriend here my dad is coming back home. Were gonna be a family again. But I thought to quick that's when everything changed with just one text.

*my phone rings*

"Hey who're do u want to fuck with me next for 3 years?"

I didn't know who it was but a whole bunch of random numbers kept texting me and that's when I knew people were spreading rumors. That's when I took my phone and put it on mute and out it in my pocket.

"Babe what's wrong?" Jacob asked as he looked at my face all sad and shit.

"Nothing I just want to finish this night off right!" I said and I turned towards his face and I looked at his eyes and I kissed him.

I wanted to end this night right and you know what I want to be able to have the right amount of people there and I didn't need them there I had me and Jacob and my whole family. I didn't need fake people that I thought were my friends here I just needed Jacob and my family.

Then we stopped and Jacob turned my whole body around put my legs on each of his sides and he carried me as he stood up and we went into the house and everybody was passed out except for my mom and my dad. So Jacob put me down outside and he picked me up bridal style and I pretended like I was sleeping. But good thing that they didn't see us do that. But then my dad said go ahead I don't want to wake any of them. Goodnight.

So we went upstairs and we laid on my bed. I locked the door obviously. Then we went and we started to make out but instead I was on top of him and he was sitting up so I was on his dick practically. I was type happy. I love Jacob and nobody has any idea how much I truly do love him!

What will happen between us tonight?

Sorry for the cliffhanger I had to do it!

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