Secrets (Jacob Whitesides)

Jacob Whitesides is a popular singer but doesn't tell the girl he loves.

Will she find out or will he tell her?


4. Meeting my Dad

It was that time again. My dad was coming to the house at 6:30 since he lives in a different house now because my parents separated. But anyways that's not important right now and I don't want to tell Jacob about that right now. Even though he already knows.

Now it's around 5:30. So me and Jacob got up and we went downstairs to help my mom with dinner. I loved helping my mom cook and bake and shit like that. But with my dad I always liked going on car rides with him and going to get stuff and going to do things. I miss doing those things together but I can't stop thinking about the separation and stuff. But then this happened.

"Hey Sirena come here!" Jacob said.

"Yeah what is it?" I answered.

"If anything happens tonight please tell me what's really going on before anything does happen!" He said.

"Okay fine. My mom and dad split because my dad always went off on me and my sisters and when he did it to me the final one she decided to cut it. It was either move out and leave him alone or he moves out and they separate. So he decided to move out. My mom and me and my sisters just couldn't take it anymore. It was just so bad that night that I was in my bathroom shaking and sitting on the floor crying my red out. That's why there is a blanket hanging on my wall to cover up the hole he made in my wall. I don't really like talking about it but you need to know these things even though I never told you the whole story online!" I explained as my eyes started to tear up a little bit.

"It's okay babe. I'm here and I. He tries to do anything tonight in gonna take him out myself since he is not suppose to be doing that. I mean yes he's sees you all the time but tic know what he shouldn't b doing that. But it's not my place to say anything about it." Jacob said as he hugged me and looked at me in my eyes.

"It isn't your place to say at all so why don't u just stay out of it!" My sister terry said.

Jacob then looked at me and so did my mom. I told Jscob to stay and I went by her outside.

"What was that for?" I asked nicely.

"It's just none of his business of what happens in our life. That's what that was because I'm sick of you telling everyone why mom and dad are separated." She said.

"First of all he's m boyfriend and is like to let him know why my parents don't live together before somebody else tells him. Or he would've found out the hard way and we not be together. Second of all I dot tell everyone. I told Jacob Bree an Amber and one other person and that's it. So don't start this shit with me." I said loudly and I walked back until the house by Jacob and my mom.

"Is everything okay?" My mom said.

I looked at my mom as technically told her to go talk to terry outside. So she went outside and did that. I stayed by Jacob and since he put the knife down I went right in front of him and I hugged him because I just needed to cry sometime. So I went right by him and I started to cry into his chest since he's 6 foot and I'm only 5'7. I just can't stop crying because I just went back to that day when it all happened.

*6:30 came around the corner and I heard the knock on the door.*

I was done crying before then and I fixed my makeup and hair and changed my clothes just like Jacob did. We were in the kitchen finishing up. Then I heard Stephanie go open the door and I went out of the kitchen and when she opened the door I saw my dad. I mean yes I still disobey him for that night but I love him and I miss him. I mean I get my mom was sick of his shit. But I know he still loves her and she still loves him because of the way they look at each other and they still kiss each other. I just feel like they aren't separated and they just told us that they were to just let us be protected.

"Dad I have somebody who wants to meet you." I said and grabbed my dads hand.

Jacob was in the kitchen helping my mom finish cleaning everything and they were laughing and smiling. I was happy that they were both getting along so week together.

"Dad this is my boyfriend Jacob. Jacob this is my dad." I said.

My dad looked at him and as Jacob was gonna shake his hand my dad went to him and hugged him and said take care of my baby girl since I can't.

"I will sir!" Jacob exclaimed.

I thought my dad was gonna kill him by the way he was looking at him. But I'm so happy that he did that and I was just so excited to see my dad and my boyfriend get along. They were talking about hunting and fishing and riding and everything. I didn't even know that Jacob hunted until now. I knew everything else but not that he hunted. I guess there is more to find out about him and more for him to find out about me. I never really told him everything either.

"Well what now!?" I asked.

"Shall we go play charades!" My mom explained.

"Yes we shall." I said.

We all got up from the table put our dishes in the sink and we went to the living room and started to make room. We all sat down on the couch and my mom wanted to go first. I didn't know what she was about to do but I'm pretty sure she want to tell my dad that she wants to cancel the divorce since she doesn't want to have thee deal with all the paperwork and having her kids see their dad only 4 times a week. I hope I'm right because even if he doesn't live with us re will still come here everyday and act like he does live here. Just lime Jacob he will be here all the time everyday until he starts school then he will be technically living here.

I'm wondering what my mom is really going to do right now?!

What is my mom doing?

Is she getting my dad to come back and live with us again?

What is going on?

Read next chapter to find out!

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