Secrets (Jacob Whitesides)

Jacob Whitesides is a popular singer but doesn't tell the girl he loves.

Will she find out or will he tell her?


5. Charades😳

My mom wanted to go first. She never wants to go first so I'm kind of scared of what's gonna happen or what she's gonna say. I have no clue what's going on.

"Sirena what's going on?" Steph asked me.

"I have no idea!" I answered.

"This is gonna de interesting!" We said.

We all sat on the couch and waited for my mom to start.

My mom started to get down on one knee and she then held up as sign that said 'please come back.' I guess it was for my dad.

She then started to talk

"I know what you did is just something that you have never done before but you know what I don't care cause even though it's still fresh in my mind and Sirena's mind she misses u and I miss u to. All of us but you know what it's not the same without u here. Just think about it okay!" My mom said and my dad didn't answer.

I was really scared but then me and Jacob went up and we decided to do the Titanic scene with rose and Jack.

We stood there and Jacob put his arms around me and I stood with my hands up. But I mean that's original so I laid down on the floor and Jacob sat down and I did the pose but with my clothes on. Then me and him got ready and he started to draw me and I had a sign that said paint me like one of your French h girls Jack. I was so in love with this right now lol!

"Jack and Rose Titanic!" Stephanie said.

I was so happy. We kept on going until my dad was left but he never played so we were done. Then it was movie time. But instead my dad stopped us and he started to talk.

"I'm thinking about it and my answer is yes. I don't care about the rules anymore. I'm coming home and we are canceling the divorce. Even though it wasn't gonna happen anyways. I love you guys and I can't stop thinking about you all when I'm by myself. Even you Jacob Sirena never told me much about you but she would always have those little hits in there with me anyways. With her mom or her sister she always said almost everything. But you know what I'm happy that you're apart of this family and I'm happy to be able to come back home and have that choice!" My dad explained and we all got up and hugged him afterwards Jacob and him shook hands and just hugged.

I was happy that my dad was coming home and that he was gonna come and be happy even though he knows that in dating Jacob now.

What will happen next?

What will we do during the movie?

Or will we just go in the pool swimming?

Keep on reading to find out!!

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