My Everything! (Nick Jonas)


1. The Day that changed my life!

Hi my name is Sirena. I'm the girl who needs to get the new explanation of her life. That's why Nick Jonas is my babe and my favorite guy ever.

*the day that changed me*

I was in my car driving when I heard the radio say:

"Call Z100 now to win tickets to meet Nick Jonas and see him in concert in NYC!"

I pulled over dialed the number and it started to ring. It beeped then I called again and someone picked up and I said

"Hello, I'm calling for nick Jonas tickets!"

"Yes you are out lucky winner! What is your name!"

"Sirena from New Jersey!"

I heard myself in the radio ad I couldn't believe that I just won tickets to see and meet Nick Jonas!

What will happen next?!

Find out next!

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