Say you wont let go

Love, what is it? I don't know myself but all I can say is that it's a rollercoaster full of emotions. I would LOVE to find out what it actually means in this little story of mine!


4. the beginning

The energy rushing through my body as I take a puff from my joint, relaxing every time I exhale. For the past couple of months it's been hard for me, my mum doesn't even look after me and my little skanky sister all she cares about is men and sex. I scratch out the thoughts in my head and carry on smoking enjoying every last minute before the fun ends. After my little rollercoaster ride of emotions I get my shit together and head over to my car which is parked outside on the drive, I shove my bag in the back seat and get in the front I start the engine and head over to Stacy's house, when I arrive I see her kiss her boyfriend goodbye and run towards the car with the biggest smile on her face, even tho she doesn't have any soon as she gets in the car she squeals with glee "you cannot believe what just happened!" I look at her waiting for her to carry on because I know there's no point asking when I already know she's gonna tell me anyway " yeh so, Jake asked me to marry him!" I jolt the car forward and joke on my own breath I turn to her and give her my 'are you serious' look "he asked you to marry him?" She nods her head " and what did you say?" And I knew exactly what her answer was "obviously I said yes, I couldn't say no because I love him" I shook my head in shame "you don't even know what love is Stacy, your 19 and you want to get married also he treats you like utter shit, do you actually want a man who beats the crap out of you and talks to you like your nothing? Is that what you call love because if you do then honey I don't know what you think love is but I know for sure that love isn't how Jake treats you" she gives me the 'shut the fuck up' face and sits back down in her seat with a frown on her face. I know she's my friend but some me had to tell her the truth other wise she's gonna end up dead one day. We soon drove off to the festival and met up with Carrie, Ariel, zach, ryan and Sophie we run around trying to find out own personal tent and after about an hour of searching we finally found it. We spent the night laughing and telling each other funny stories. We all went to sleep excited and ready for a big day tomorrow.

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