Say you wont let go

Love, what is it? I don't know myself but all I can say is that it's a rollercoaster full of emotions. I would LOVE to find out what it actually means in this little story of mine!


5. hype

The night was cold but the vibe was high as the music was blasting making my heart race faster, I was jumping around to famous last words by my chemical romance. The night was young but it went by so fast, soon we all had to flee to our tents. I on the other hand had my face plastered all over this guy who to be honest I didn't have a clue who he was. We made out and when back to his tent and blah blah blah you know what happened.

I woke up with a banging head ache and a swore pain shooting through my vagina, I turned over to see THE kellin Quinn. I tried getting up but he put his arm over me... and there goes my chance to escape grrrrr. I look at his face then down his neck then I realise... he's naked. And so am I! What the actual hell happened last night?

"Good morning, beautiful" he groans and turns to fully look at me, then a wave of anxiousness washes over me and I soon realise that I look like absolute shit. I get up and head to the small connected tent which is his bathroom I look in the mirror and see miscara smudged everywhere and lipstick all down my neck and on my cheeks, I grab a flannel and dampen it with some warm water, I wipe away my smudged mascara and my lipstick trails on my neck and collar bone.

I seriously don't remember what happened last night, I look around the so called bathroom and found a baggy shirt so I threw that on and went back into the main tent. There he was making what smelt like eggs and bacon, he was very tall and very beautiful from behind with his tattoos all over his arms and body.

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