A Sad Life

Decided to re-write the poetries. Enjoy.


1. Skyscraper

Have you ever wonder what the future holds?
Or where we go when we die?
To me these are all questions people ask themselves to not worry about their fear of being abandoned 
Life isn't perfect
But making every minute counts is wonderful 
I don't care that you're beautiful on the outside 
Because I know that your inside are where the demons hide 
Don't look down on me because we're not the same
Don't be so high and mighty 
Don't take my little proud that I have left 
I'm not a skyscraper 
I don't dream big or want to touch the sky
All my hopes and dream has been shatter by my low self esteem 
"Self loathing won't get you far" many has told me
 I know it won't get me far 
but it's the only thing I can do 
I don't need words to make me feel better
I need real smiles and laughers to make me happy
I don't want to be the a reflection of a stupid rumor
I wanna be me again 
Just yesterday "I wished I could love myself"
I don't want anymore hated 
Because myself alone is something to keep me in the dark
To keep me running from the evil that is within 
Don't just think because I'm broken 
I'm going to bow down at your feet
Don't think because I'm an outsider
Means I don't know what you are
You take me for a fool today because my wings are broken
I won't cry now
Or I share a tear 
Because I know tomorrow I will be the one dancing in my dreams 
The future is not far my friend 
Should I even call you my friend?
Because I remember back then you teased and told me I was just a trash
A nobody that loath herself
You know what?
I'm nothing like you
I will share 
Because then you will know what it feels like to want something you will never have 
You think you're evil?
You haven't seen evil until you see my inside
I'm not pure 
My heart has been darken because of what lies I've gotten myself caught in
Look at me now 
I'm a skyscraper 
Born again to be a survivor 
All of my hopes and dreams has come to pass
Look at you now
You are what I once was
Should I be the friend you used to be to me?
Or should I show you mercy like it says at Sunday school?
You know what?
I will leave that for you to choose 
Choose carefully my friend 
Remember this as you think
"Don't get fool by the outside 
Because the inner is more evil"
Keep this in my for the future because after all this is all but a dream to me
A dream I'm wishing will come to true...

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