A Sad Life

Decided to re-write the poetries. Enjoy.


3. Only a Girl

Broken and surrounded by lies 
I am just some girl 
A girl with a broken past and a twisted future 
The present is more worst then I let on
Every which way you might turn me
You will never find happiness 
Just lies that let to my broken heart 
Surrounded by people I say I trust is just a lie
You can ever see what evil a person can be thinking when they hugs you
The only thing you see is their backs 
Never their face
What is there to hide?
They say "Great enemies makes the best of friends" 
But isn't that almost saying "Those who you trust will only lead you down to Hell?"
I should have been smarter 
Now I'm walking in the further pits of Hell and my friends are nowhere to find
But were they ever my friends?
Or just a mask they wore?
A mask that has cover up their lies and hated for me
A broken girl I am
Because after all
I am just some girl



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