A Sad Life

Decided to re-write the poetries. Enjoy.


5. If my wings could fly high

Inspired by BTS song quote

"If my wings could fly high"||WINGS||


I can never fly high
Being broken too many times and not having a life
Can break a person inside 
My wings has been broken as long as I can remember 
Always living the same life and dreaming the same dream
Can I just have the strength to fly a little higher?
I want to touch the shy
But the hurt and pain keep pulling me back down 
"Smile a little brighter 
Laugh a little louder
Dream a better dream"
People always say
What is there to smile about?
Where can I find laugher?
If I could dream a better dream then I would be just some fish in the sea
The more I try...
The more it all blow up in my face 
One by one
My hopes and dreams
Vanishes before my eyes
And I'm left alone 
Trying to fly a little higher 
But failing all the more
Let's say I give up?...
Maybe then I will learn to fly again
When my wings are not broken

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