A Sad Life

Decided to re-write the poetries. Enjoy.


7. Find your Connection

RIP by my inner beauty 
I'm forever hidden from my reflection  
Laughter is all but sadness to me
Pain and suffering is all I can feel
I'm happy to feel pain
It shows that I am alive
That I'm still walking this earth alone 
Friends and families are all but dust to me 
We live not to find love ones but to find connection 
An ever lasting connection within the heart, mind, body, and soul
A connection I will never find 
Learn to have freedom within yourself 
Don't let the world change who you are 
You are not just some girl or boy
You are an original masterpiece 
You are not just average
You are you and you are meant to do great
So open up your wings and fly
Spread them and let others bow down at your feet
Find your connection 
A connection I have yet to find



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