A Sad Life

Decided to re-write the poetries. Enjoy.


8. Fatherless

Being born without a father wasn't hard for me
Kids called me names 
"Fatherless" they say
But I never pay no mind
Yes I didn't get to celebrate Father's Day with my dad
But at least I didn't get broken promises 
"Baby don't cry" my mother always tells me
"I'm not crying mom" I try to reassure her
Was it sadness I was feeling as I cry?
Was it the lock of love?
No it wasn't one of those
I cry not because I never grew up with a father 
But because I will never have one
I cry not because he will never be around 
But because he will never get to know what I have become
What is success when the world doesn't know who you are?
I won't cry for you father
I will cry for the memories we never got to share with each other

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